Import from Vivaldi to Firefox

  • Hello Everybody.

    I tried several times that import Vivaldi bookmarks, history, password into Firefox but Firefox can't recognize Vivaldi as browser.


    I think it's Vivaldi problem because Firefox easily recognize chrome and other browser.

    Thank you.

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    @m-s-moradian Yeah, not actually Vivaldi's problem that firefox is stupid. If Windows detects it as a browser, other software has no excuse. That said, you can export bookmarks (nothing else at this time) from Vivaldi to HTML and you can import that file to Firefox.

  • @ayespy

    Thanks for your answer.

    I know that I want import history and password too.

  • @ayespy That's a bit unfair. Vivaldi is a really small browser, I'm sure if they get requests, or notice that a high amount of users is switching from Vivaldi to Firefox, they will implement such an import function immediately. It just doesn't make sense at the moment to waste their resources on it :P

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    @luetage But they have no excuse for not even being able to detect it.

  • @ayespy Can Vivaldi detect Maxthon?

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    @luetage No idea. I don't speak Maxthon. Can anything detect/import from it? If so, good on 'em.

  • @ayespy I'm just imagining a Maxthon user posting a question on a forum, asking why Vivaldi can't import bookmarks and passwords from Maxthon, while it works for Chrome and Firefox and Edge.

    The user expects it's Maxthon's fault, surely!

    A moderator replies that it's not actually Maxthon's problem that Vivaldi is stupid.

    A stupid member trolls the moderator: "That's unfair, Maxthon is a tiny browser, I'm sure if Vivaldi gets requests, they will be implementing importing from Maxthon in no time!

    The moderator: "No excuse for not detecting! The morons..."

    A stupid member: " I'm just imagining a Lynx user posting a question on a forum, asking why Maxthon can't import bookmarks and passwords from Lynx, while it works for Chrome and Firefox and Edge.

    The circle is unbroken.

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  • Perhaps it would be the question, if any browser should be able to import the data of others more than 110 browsers that currently exist

    (List with a special mention for Vivaldi)

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