True Alphabetical Bookmarks Sorting

  • True alphabetical sorting of bookmarks and ability to sort on a per folder basis. Currently you can only display them sorted, but not actually sort them.

  • Hi,
    I'm sure in agreement with luetage concerning the sorting of bookmark' be honest, I really wish the vivaldi browser had a bookmark manager similar to the one that google chrome uses. With chrome when you click on settings..bookmarks, there's an option for 'bookmark manager', once in there you have several option' of which is sorting. I realize that the google chrome browser has a LOT more individual's that are developing the browser, so the way I'm thinking is that HOPEFULLY..the developer's of vivaldi will eventually add that feature someday.

  • I just don't understand why this isn't implemented. It is such an obvious, important feature. I've stopped using V out of irritation at their failure to do this.


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