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    Something like blacklist of sites (domains) from which user never wants to hear a sound.

  • Chrome will soon be bringing in support for this - audio as a site-wide content setting. You can preview this by enabling the flag at vivaldi://flags/#sound-content-setting

  • @lonm It's available in Site Settings and the Default Site Settings. I wish it didn't include a mute icon on every tab if you set the default to mute though. That's a waste of space.

  • @sdgreene It's a work in progress, which is why its hidden behind a flag for now.

  • @lonm Ok, click the favicon/secure lock to open the site settings overlay. There's a button for Site Settings. You click that, it's right there in the list. No flag needed. And if you click the back arrow (within settings) it takes you to Content settings (what I called Default Site Settings earlier), where you can set mute as the default.

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