File Sharing like Opera Unite

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    This allows sharing of files without storing them on a server, but is direct peer-to-peer file sharing with password protection, public or private options.

  • Something like this would be great. Especially considering Vivaldi's focus on privacy.

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    I mentioned only File Sharing as that is the most common requirement, but Opera Unite allows (password protected) direct access to selected folder of your PC by other users (of any browser), so you can use your PC as a web server, media-streaming service, etc.

    Unlike cloud-based services, it is disabled when you turn off your PC, and when online, you can watch activity in real-time, and know who has uploaded or downloaded what from your PC.

    It is easy to change permissions at any time to stop any potential abuse.

  • @pesala Yesss

    I rarely post but Opera Unite was one of the things I loved with the old Opera. Sadly they got rid of it, and it would be amazing if they could re-introduce the web server feature into the browser.


  • I'm a bit afraid of such requests... While Vivaldi is different just because it embeds tons of feature, and this is why we love it, I would restrain on suggestions bloating it. There are tools already providing such a feature, and I do think that evolutions should be also requested after balancing feature vs. cost vs. destabilization risks.
    I vote up for new features, but down (if I had enough privileges 😛 ) if beyond the browser "perimeter" or if implying to rework significantly the architecture. Hence why I'm also against embedding an email or RSS client.

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    I would love that one in Vivaldi. I used in Opera to share some files with my friends, even college things.

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