Tab Stack Commands

  • If I am currently in a tab stack I should be able to use a quick command for each of the tab stack menu options: e.g. to close the current stack, rename the current stack, etc. So that I don't have to use the mouse to right click the stack.

  • This would be cool command to add. I use x to close thecurrent tab, and would love using Shift+X to close the whole stack.

  • I notice none of the stack commands are available for keyboard shortcuts either. I wonder if it would be worth changing the title of this request to something more general that applies to all the configurable commands (KB, MG & QC).

  • It could also be integrated in a more general tab management framework as proposed here.

  • It would also be nice if the "Create New Tab Stack" command was available in quick commands if you have multiple tabs selected with Ctrl+Click.


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