List Existing Sessions on Save Session

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    Would allow overwriting of existing sessions or renaming with a prefix/suffix.

  • @pesala I wonder if it could be implemented as a "special folder" inside bookmarks. That would allow us to preview whats inside of every session.
    Many times I forget whats inside a session, and my session list keeps growing. Sometimes I need to rearrange part of the tabs and move them to another session. It would be really easy to do that in the context of bookmarks.
    Sessions is a great feature but in its current implementation I feel very constrained. Please Vivaldi GODS give us the freedom we need!

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    @ecli One can already save a set of tabs as a new bookmark folder, but sessions store more than the URLs of the pages. They also save the zoom level for each tab, the scroll position, etc. Bookmarks cannot do all of that.

  • @pesala Yes, i'm kind of migrating the use of session to the bookmark folder, but as you said there's lots of stuff not being saved as "simply bookmarks".
    According to circumstance I'm using one or the other. Every method has its quirks and pro/cons.

  • @pesala Bookmarks could do that, if they stored more information in bookmarks. These are computers, here. They could do a lot more than list some named URLs.

    Either way, the bookmark interface would be a good start to managing session contents. It's going to end up looking like that one way or the other.

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    @tyrianmollusk It would break export of bookmarks, which is just HTML. Take a look in User Data/Default/Sessions/*.bin

    It really needs its own Sessions Panel

  • @pesala

    Let's make a cumulative suggestion about new and improved sessions manager?

    • List of sessions at Side panel
    • Session management at Side panel
    • One session = one window
    • Session name = window name
    • Choose wich session to start when V starts (Default session)
    • Session autosave
    • Maybe rename it to Window Management 🙂

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    The linked Sessions Panel thread already has over 100 votes. It would do this and more, but maybe this request is easier to implement.

    It would be enough for me as I don't use sessions extensively.

  • I could also live with just an "update session" functionality. Auto save would be even better.

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