Sessions panel

  • There should be something like "session panel"

    I'd like to:

    • have all sessions listed as expandable tree structure
    • have ability to easily add / delete single or multiple items in saved sessions
    • drag & drop items between sessions
    • rename sessions easily

  • Would this be the same as my suggestion to make sessions editable leveraging the new window panel infrastructure that I suggested here?

  • @nemoanonymous Partially...?
    I thought that session panel should be separate entity.
    I am afraid that incorporating it in Window Panel would result in total chaos... I've got hundreds of tabs everywhere...

    Maybe admins should decide to merge similar threads?...
    But I suppose it would require renaming threads

  • This would leap frog Edge's sessions UI I guess.

    I kind of like the idea of sessions being taken care of in the tab bar, like Edge does it, or how Vivaldi treats closed tabs. Also Firefox's "Tabs from other devices" button. I think it would be nice and consistent to treat all three scenarios of other tabs in the same manner, in the same general area. The Window panel already breaks away from that however, so I guess consistency has already been broken. Bookmarks panel could be argued to that effect as well.

  • Moderator

    Sessions are not just bookmarks with a simple URL. They also contain information about zoom level and scroll position, so I think they require a separate panel.

    When exporting bookmarks they would lose data if lumped together with bookmarks.

  • @rotfl
    Agreed it's a separate panel, but the idea was to leverage the same infrastructure (code and methodology) in creating the panel.

  • While we are at it, I would like to see in Sessions Panel/manager:

    1. Autosave previous sessions show in panel/manager with time & date.

    2. Compare sessions content in tile view mode.

    3. Search tabs title/URL inside all session (like bookmarks).

    4. Merge session command & auto remove duplicate tab from both session.


  • I too would like to see "sessions" get a little more love from the development team. Some sort of edit and organization scheme would be nifty, as mentioned by others. The idea of a panel item seems a good way.

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