Keyboard shortcut to move a tab to the next window

  • When:

    • A user has 3 screens (on the left, center and right).
    • The user opened Vivaldi in the central screen. Then he opened another Vivaldi window and placed it on the left screen, and another one, placed one the right screen.
    • The user has a tab opened in the central window.


    • The user presses the key shortcut for the 1st time – the tab is moved to the left window. He uses the shortcut for the 2nd time – the tab goes right. He uses the shortcut for the 3rd time – the tab goes to the central window again.

    If the current tab is a part of a tab stack, the whole stack moves around.
    I have two screens, so for me, it would be enough to move a page to the other screen. The description above is a generalization for a bigger number of screens.

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    @jkierzkowski This would be cool, but it is a subset of Tab Stack Quick Commands, which has more votes.

    The only thing not covered in the linked thread is moving single tabs to other windows.

  • @pesala And this thing is the most important to me.

  • @jkierzkowski if this is not already requested elsewhere i'd suggest to uncouple it from stack relation to make it fully distinct from the feature mentioned by @Pesala:

    • change request topic to Shortcut to move a tab to existing window
    • remove last paragraph of initial post.

    I'm not shure if Vivaldi already has a concept of window order (next, previous). If it does it's not reflected in the (standard) UI or assignable bindings (V1.14). This would be a predependency to implement (reverse) cycling trough existing windows.

    The next imminent question would be; does the focus follow the moved tab (stack) or stay on the current window?
    Since Vivaldi does not support combining actions (yet?) there would be 4 new operations (and Key/Guesture bindings) to complete this feature (move to next/previous window with/without focus following).

    A later step might then be to enable this feature for tab stacks.

  • @becm I renamed the topic. I don't think I should remove the last paragraph.

    I don't want this concept to be swallowed by tab-stacks.

  • Any updates on the possibility of this being a feature in the near future? Would be very helpful.

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    @sendsent There is little chance of any statements about planned features. Sometimes, the Vivaldi developers will tag a thread as IN PROGRESS or PIPELINE to show that it is either being worked on or is planned for the future.

    This thread is not tagged, so like the other 899 Feature Requests, it will have to wait until a developer decides to pick it up and work on it.

  • @pesala Thanks for your response. I began using this extension, Tab to Window, for Chrome on Vivaldi, but the shortcuts are not working on Vivaldi. The extension is working fine on Chrome. Looking for another extension that may work better on Vivaldi.


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