[Feature] Stay Open Menu

  • A small little addon for firefox that vivaldi should build in.. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/stay-open-menu/

    lets you open a dropmenu, like bookmark toolbar menu, and if you use [mmb] to open the link.. then the menu remains open so you can carry on using [mmb] on other items to have open in background tabs.. that way you don't have to do this stupid crap of reopening the same drop menu, to open another bookmark..

    pretty simple feature right?

    obviously it uses [mmb] and the vivaldi seem to have a lot of issues surrounding getting basic [mmb] related functionality working properly but yknow I'm putting it in early as a christmas wishlist :smiley:

  • I have no idea what mmb is, but if you want your eg bookmarks open just use the panel.

  • @luetage middle mouse button =mmb

    the bookmarks bar has dropdown menus.. you can only open 1 link at a time from them before having to reopen the same menu, or mmb on the folder and have them all open....

    obviously if I want to use less than shit browsing workflow I need to stay using firefox pre quantum shit garbage release, where all the better addons and power user functionality still resides.. your solution of using the sidebar panel.. is something I'm well aware of.. however its not improving the actual experience of working with bookmarks from the toolbar.

  • No, it's obviously not improving it. It's a very valid alternative instead. The panel is one of the main selling points of Vivaldi imo. The bookmarks bar is just a neglected step-child, which needs more care and love. I'm not using it personally, and I don't intend to in the future. Vertical space is too precious to be given up for yet another bar. But yeah, if you need and rely heavy on a full featured bookmarks bar, Vivaldi isn't a good choice right now.

  • @luetage "panel is one of the main selling points of Vivaldi imo."

    I agree and I do like the sidebar, its an essential for any decent web browser. and not just some shitty advertising and spyware platform disguised as a browser for idiots like chrome, or edge, or lol safari

    but with vivaldi its lacking more features where as in firefox I have rss feedsidebar which I find more useful than bookmarks sidebar.... seems since those gooble idiots took over with chrome crap advertisements on youtube telling the masses what to use... and forced everyone to the right side of browser with shitting menus and poor subpar functionality..

    the idea of a sidebar got left behind.. totally dumb.. but then dumb design is the future.

    a proper sidebar on the left side is actually used by a lot of people.. I know some folks who literately don't like it if they don't have there bookmarks sidebar opened to use.

    anyway I use the bookmarks toolbar with icons only mainly.. the toolbar height for quick access to common bookmarks and drop menus is fine for me.. but that stay open menu functionality really needs to be added.

    hmm time to go make another post for 3rd feature request to do with the sidebar :)

  • I, for one, like the bookmarks toolbar. That said, I find the need for a "stay open" bookmarks toolbar a waste of space.
    IMHO, the bookmarks toolbar does not take up much vertical space at all. But, to each their own. Stay open menu...don't need it. Firefox no long supports this add-on. Have you searched the Chrome Web Store?

    Chrome Web Store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions?hl=en-US
    To request features https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/48/features-requests
    Extensions https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/43/customizations-extensions

  • @para-noid "That said, I find the need for a "stay open" bookmarks toolbar a waste of space."

    I think you missed the point of what 'stay open' is ... its for dropdown menus like opening folders in the bookmarks toolbar.. so that when you open these menus and click on a bookmark.. the menu stays open if you have used [mmb] to open a link.. that way you can [mmb] on a few other items in that dropmenu, without it closing on you every time.. pretty simple and very useful.

    Is no way you would find any chrome crap extensions supporting it, as the functionality that chrome extensions can support or modify is pretty heavily restricted. Which is why vast majority of chrome extension pale in comparison to some vastly superior addons Firefox has ... or had pre quantum (firefox 57+) garbage release..where now addons are restricted to limited web extension shit out of some sort of stupid belief that its better for security/privacy.. meanwhile javascript infestation of websites/extensions and lack of restrictions on it is ignored because that is your privacy/security being pissed away... and even noscript like addons in chrome are complete shit compared to noscript in firefox pre 57.

    So it requires Vivaldi to do something better about it, which is why I make the feature request.

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