RSS feeds on Snapshot's Blog?

  • Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but Blogs Feedback did seem to me the right place. Also, sorry if this has been brought up elsewhere, but a brief search didn't give me any indications that it has.

    I've been following Snapshots since they began. From the beginning, whenever there was a new Snapshot, a new blog post would be posted. To alert me that there was a new blog post for Snapshots, I subscribed to the RSS News Feed. These worked regularly, but in the last two months, there hasn't been an update to the RSS Feeds. The last one I received was on the 18th September.

    Has the RSS Feed been removed or is this a bug? It's not a big deal if it's been removed, as Vivaldi itself will alert me about a new snapshot, but I thought I'd enquire to see what's up.

  • I'm using this:

    Works very well since the beginning, if you just want the snapshots, use this:

    Just tried it out and it shows snapshots until the very latest.

  • Thanks for that. All fixed on my end now.

    Something seems to have changed from mid-September, seeing that I'm now only getting feeds from 27th September (might be a server setting, but on my end it's meant to download 6 months' worth). That might explain why I couldn't get anything previously from 18th September and onwards.

    Thanks again. 🙂

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