Where is common.css in OSX?

  • Hi folks,

    I'm trying to locate the common.css file. I found a previous forum thread on the topic, and from what I understand from that thread, it should be in "Application Support > Vivaldi > styles" directory.

    However, I do not have any Vivaldi directory in my Application Support folder. I have also poked around in Vivaldi.app, and have not found anything there either.

    Anyone know where to find common.css?


  • We do not edit common.css anymore. For the current approach read here:
    However, there has to be a Vivaldi directory in application support. It doesn't include the common.css file, since this is in the application itself, but it holds your whole profile and user data. Even if there is none currently, it would be created anew if you startup Vivaldi. Are you sure you have a normal Vivaldi install?

    You can lookup your executable and profile path here: vivaldi://about/

  • Thanks for the response luetage, I downloaded the Vivaldi .dmg from the site frontpage today, and dragged the application to my application directory, so I would say it is a normal install.

    As you can see in the screenshot, Vivaldi is running, and there is no Vivaldi directory in my Application Support.

    application support

  • Of course there isn't, because you are in the wrong application support. You installed the application in the user directory, therefore it isn't in
    Library/Application Support
    but rather in
    Users/username/Library/Application Support
    which you would have found out, if you had visited vivaldi://about

    The user library is hidden by default, access it by clicking Go in the Finder menu and pressing alt.

  • @luetage yes, thanks, I had just visited the vivaldi://about page, and discovered I was in the wrong directory (I'm a little rusty with OSX).

    My apologies, I initially missed that part of your post. Was gonna edit my previous post since I felt like an idiot for missing that part, but was too late. Thanks a ton, you have been very helpful.

  • One more question, the thread you linked to discusses the location of browser.html in windows, but the path given there does not appear to translate to either the vivaldi application support directory, or the contents of vivaldi.app.

    Where would I find browser.html in OSX?

    Will post this in the original modding thread, since that is probably the appropriate place for this question.

  • The explanation in the modding thread on where to find these files is rudimentary but correct for all operating systems. It's a sort of barrier of entry. If you don't know what you are doing, you shouldn't change files in the application, because errors in modifying could lead to a dysfunctional browser, or worse, you introduce serious bugs. Someone who wants to modify Vivaldi has to be able to troubleshoot issues that arise and fix them accordingly. You can neither ask the Vivaldi team to handle problems with your custom modifications, nor file bugreports.

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  • @gwen-dragon
    Thanks, found it! Now can finally get my mods from Windows set up in OSX.


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