Where is common.css in Vivaldi for OSX?

  • I love the idea of a user customizable UI in a browser, but I've looked in Vivaldi.app/Contents/Versions/ Framework.framework/Resources and can't find any .css files, only a bunch of .nib and .pak files (including a "resources.pak" which at 15.8mb I don't think I should edit). There are no css files in Vivaldi.app/Contents/Resources or /Users/../Library/Application Support/Vivaldi either. Where can I find the common.css file in order to add the @import rule? Also, where would I put a custom.css file for that matter? In the Application Support folder? Thanks for any help.

  • I had trouble finding it as well.
    I found it by after the resources folder in the first way you did it, clicking the vivaldi folder and then style folder.
    The custom.css goes into the style folder..
    also if you want a suggestion for ui customization here's one for combining thumbnails and tabs by AlexRuppert, which is really nice when tabs are on the side.
    I added extra code to make it unblur upon hover with

    #tabs .tab:not(.active):hover .tab-thumb {
      -webkit-filter: blur(0px)!important;
    ```after the code

    #tabs .tab:not(.active) .tab-thumb {
    -webkit-filter: blur(1px)!important;

  • Thanks, but unfortunately I don't see a "styles" folder anywhere either.
    In Vivaldi.app > Contents > Resources, I see all the .lproj folders, one folder called com.vivaldi.Vivaldi.manifest, and three other files: app.icns, document.icns, scripting.sdef, and that's it.
    In Vivaldi.app/Contents/Versions/ Framework.framework/Resources similarly there are .lproj folders, .nib and .pak files, various .pdfs and other miscellaneous files.
    But no "Styles" folder in either, or in Application Support > Vivaldi.
    Or do I simply have to create a style folder myself and put a common.css file in it myself?

  • No, there is a common.css file already.
    It should be in the second one, is there a vivaldi folder in there? Then inside is the styles folder (edited the last post also to add some stuff)

  • Found it! I re-downloaded the app and found the correct folder. Thanks, I don't know what happened earlier, but I probably accidentally deleted it with the other .lproj folders (seems likely–user error 😉

  • glad you found it, kind of unlikely it got deleted though, because I think that would destroy the vivaldi ui….

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