Protected address bar

  • In Opera 12, the address bar was always protected.

    I mean if you began typing stuff inside or just even focused the address bar, whatever happened in the main window content (loading a page, anything), the address bar would be kept stable and you can go on editing it.

    Now in Vivaldi, it’s like in every other browsers, if you don’t wait stability of the page, you cannot afford typing in the address bar because it is reset by many events (page load, etc.).


    My post is not very clear.

    Another example when you go to a page that redirects multiple times.
    In Opera, as soon as you clicked the address bar, it would keep its text stable so you can delete, type any text you want with all the calm you need you like.
    In Vivaldi you have to rush like hell because with each redirect the address bar field changes, even if it was focused and you were typing.

    Update 2

    Reposted in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14.


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