Multiple Blogs Capability?

  • Is there now (which I doubt) or will there be in the future the ability to have multiple Blogs on one account? Like on Blogger and back in MyOpera I used to have a main Blog and another Blog as my lab where I experimented with Blog Designs / CSS code. I had a friend who had her main Blog, a Music Blog and a Poems Blog.

    Or will it be 1 Blog per account?

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    @suntana Just add Categories to your Blog. See the bottom of the side panel on my blog

    You can add categories from your Blog's Dashboard.

    0_1509569950024_Blog Dashboard.png

  • Hmmm ... let's find out though if it is one and the same as that to which I am referring. Okay, Pesala, by multiple Blogs, I am not referring to just categories, which would be good for organizing things. I am talking about multiple Blogs each with their own totally independent, totally different Blog design.

    So for example --- on those different categories in your sidebar, COULD you if you wanted, assign totally independent, different Headers and different entire Blog designs to each one? Because right now I am seeing that they're just shorter versions of the main Header.

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    I am totally new to WordPress blogs. Perhaps there are ways to customise themes that could go a long way to making different categories look like different blogs.

    Since all of this is free, and uses some server resources, I think it unreasonable to expect Vivaldi to invest a lot into this. They already spent months testing this new blogging platform.

    There are many other blogging platforms, but you may have to pay or put up with advertisements to offset the costs of providing them.

  • Additionally you could always have multiple accounts if you really need it. I don't see Vivaldi prohibiting this. All they want from you is probably a new email address for sign up.

  • True, this Vivaldi blogging platform is free, but here is my logic as I loosely explore what direction it's going to go. Let's take Vivaldi browser and Opera browser. It could be said that they're just Chrome clones. Why would anyone, especially current Chrome users want to switch over to Vivaldi or Opera?

    Obviously Vivaldi and Opera have to incorporate features that Chrome doesn't offer. Vivaldi and Opera have to invent and give current Chrome users and any other browser users an irresistible reason why they should make the switch.

    Likewise, why would any current genuine WordPress users want to switch over to a WordPress-based platform that has a smaller arsenal of features than the genuine WordPress? So, therefore this WordPress-based Vivaldi blogging platform has to incorporate features ... REASONS for current genuine WordPress users and any other blogging platform users to make the switch over to Vivaldi.

    If the current version of the new Vivaldi blogging platform turns out to be pretty close to the finished product, it's going to find the same fate as the previous incarnation.

    I'm aware that the Vivaldi Team as a whole is a VERY small crew. But, the reality is that if this blogging platform is going to succeed in being able to carve out a nice little niche among the biggies, it's gonna have to infuse some more octane than what is currently in the tank so to speak.

    I have no doubt that the Vivaldi Team has the brilliant minds / creative power to pull it off. I just wonder whether with the smallness of the team ... the TIME will be available to pull it off in time before people start leaving like the last time around.

    Well, we'll cross our fingers and hope that they DO pull it off soon. 🤠

  • I guess the multiple accounts route IS an option, luetage. Not that I happen to have an extra e-mail address lying around currently. Doh. Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Sorry for not replying sooner. Better late than never, right?! 🙂
    Users can be contributors/admins/editors/etc. to multiple blogs, but because the username is used to create the blog URL, each account can only create one blog.
    So, if you want to have multiple blogs, create another account with the username you want in the blog URL and invite your main user to be a contributor on the new blog. You can invite other users to your blog from Dashboard > Users > Add Existing > enter the user's Vivaldi email address to send them an invitation email.


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