Clicking on a message notification I got leads to "No users in this room" empty chat

  • I got a notification that a certain user messaged me 4 days ago, but I don't see their message.

    If I click on the notification, I get taken to my Chats page, and one of two conversations there that say "No users in this room" gets blue-highlighted. No actual message content appears.


    I also see a "No users in this room" listing in the dropdown from the top-nav's chat bubble icon. If I click that entry, I get a blank chat window that's a little buggy because it lacks a correspondent username; without a name filling the top bar, the buttons aren't clickable on their lower portions, apparently because the chat area isn't pushed down far enough and thus transparently overlaps the top:

    Is the issue that messages are withdrawn after people send them, if they click the corner "x" on their end, in the chat thread?

  • Yeah, I think the problem arises when people delete all the messages they sent you. I was wondering what would happen btw., because I sent those messages. Thanks for the clarification! ^^

  • @luetage

    Ah, hopefully you didn't expect a reply for the 4-days-ago message, because as you can see, I have no Idea what you said. 😉

    It's a bit unusual for a forum messaging/chat systems to allow editing and yanking of already sent messages. Most forums I've used over the years have "Private Messages" that act like mail -- no editing once sent, and deleting something at the sender's end is not reflected at the recipient's end. (There's always the actual Vivaldi webmail, of course, but I haven't used that yet.)

    Something that's still not clear to me is if clicking the grey "x" on the correspondent list (on the left under "Enter a username to search") in Chats deletes

    • the entire chat thread
    • just one own's contributions to it
    • or nothing (so any remaining person "in the room" still has the thread viewable, if the person who clicked the "x" loses access).

    Did you click the gray "x" on the Isildur entry in that list, or did you click the blue (appearing-on-hover) "x" on an individual message on the right?

    There really should be tooltips making it clear what each "x" does or doesn't do, because it's currently ambiguous.

  • @Isildur I deleted the individual messages, but it's easy to find out about the other possible scenarios too. And actually I was surprised when you said you had nothing on your end, I would have expected being able to delete on my end only.
    Maybe the reasoning behind is the fact it's not a message system, but a chatroom. Then again, it's very much used like a personal message system.... It doesn't make too much sense.

    edit: this time I sent you 2 messages and deleted by clicking the "x" beside your name, I think the outcome is the same?

  • @luetage
    No, the outcome is different. In this case, it says "No users in this room", but your messages still show up to me:


    In the original case, are you sure you didn't "exit the room" in a addition to deleting individual messages?

  • Yes, I did both.


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