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To hide or remove bookmark search field in the bookmarks bar

  • Hi,

    As i have a lot of bookmarks and folders of bookmarks, i would love to hide the search field on the top of my bookmarks bar and also to remove the add/delete folder icon below the bookmark search field.
    It takes about 10% height of the available vertical space and i would prefer to see bookmarks instead of it.

    I've looked everywhere but i was unable to find any solutions.

    Thanks to all and have a good day.


  • @flyeric777 If you enlarge the panel sideways, at least the toolbar and search field will be on the same line.

    See the Modding Forum for help on hiding elements.

  • Thank you Pesala.

    I've seen it before but i did't do it.

    Now it's done!


  • If you really wanna get rid of it -- .panel.panel-bookmarks .toolbar.icons {display: none} will do the trick.

    But there is a far better solution:

    .panel.panel-bookmarks header:hover > .toolbar.icons {
    	display: flex;
    .panel.panel-bookmarks .toolbar.icons {
    	display: none;

    This will display the search and toolbar icons only if you have your cursor over the header.

    edit: This can be done for all panels. I actually like it, not a bad idea OP.

    .panel.panel-bookmarks header:hover > .toolbar.icons,
    #downloads.panel header:hover > .toolbar.icons,
    #notes-panel.panel header:hover > .toolbar.icons,
    #history-panel.panel header:hover > .toolbar.icons {
    	display: flex;
    .panel.panel-bookmarks .toolbar.icons, #downloads.panel .toolbar.icons,
    #notes-panel.panel .toolbar.icons, #history-panel.panel .toolbar.icons {
    	display: none;

  • @luetage Thanks. That works, but read the Modding Thread to see where to put it.

  • @Pesala Nowadays we don't edit common.css anymore, instead we create a custom.css file, as described here --->
    And yes, the file has to be replaced on update.

  • Thank you very much @luetage, it is perfect!

  • No problem, thank you for the idea. I have flagged this post to be moved to the modifcations forum board by the way, but apparently the mods are busy fighting the chinese onslaught.

  • @luetage Noticed!
    Thanks and also i saw a lot of posts in chinese hihihi !

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