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  • Very often I have the problem that Vivaldi does not show any window after start. Even after force quit and restart it is not better. Only solution: Restart macOS completely.

  • Have you tried the shortcut cmd n for new window?

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    @VillageHero Wow, that's not typical at all. Just curious... why the Force Quit rather than exiting Vivaldi with either Command-Q or Vivaldi / Quit Vivaldi? Did Vivaldi lock up to the point that you could not exit it in any other way? Force Quitting should only be used as a last resort because it doesn't give an application the opportunity to exit gracefully in a controlled manner. With Vivaldi, this can corrupt your profile and cause a ton of other problems.

    If you check "Use Native Window" in the Appearance settings, do you still get into a situation where the Vivaldi window does not open or render on launch?

  • Still have this behavior with the latest version. It occurred this very moment - suddenly Vivaldi did not load any new webpages. I closed it via Cmd+Q - re-opened it and it did not load any webpages or showed even the Preferences menu entry (all menu entries are greyed out). In this state I can close it again via Cmd+Q - but it won't load any pages until re-start/logout. No hanging processes were shown in Activity Monitor.

    What's strange: Somehow also Chrome seems to behave strange when this occurs. It's a lot slower and hangs sometimes.

    I switched now to native window behavior and will observe further.

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    @VillageHero From your initial post, I thought that perhaps Vivaldi's window management had gotten into a weird state; if so, toggling "Use Native Window" should force it back into a good state.

    However, you just mentioned that you're also experiencing similar problems with Chrome... Do you have any extensions installed?

    Are you experiencing any other issues with your network or operating system/hardware? Do you have any non-Apple devices installed? Do you have any security software installed on your Mac? Lastly, are you running into any issues with Safari?

  • @xyzzy Extensions, yes. But those should not interfere? The only one I think could be responsible is Signal Messenger as App. But I am always opening this with Vivaldi. Nevertheless I deactivated it in Chrome and will observe further...

    Answers to your questions:
    No network issues. I got a Cherry MX keyboard. And a Logitech mouse. Security software: BlockBlock (but I also deactivated it for testing the issue).
    No issues with Safari or Firefox.

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    @VillageHero Vivaldi is not Google Chrome. Most extensions work fine in Vivaldi but not all. Some very Chrome-specific apps don't; some cause really weird things to happen. Users have reported problematic extensions here:

    Whenever users run into bizarre problems, the first step is to disable all extensions to see if the problem goes away. (Often it does.) Then re-enable extensions one-by-one until you find the one(s) causing problems.

    What's more unusual is that you're having issues with Chrome as well. Security software can do that. So can extensions -- not all of them are safe or trustworthy.

    The reason I asked about non-Apple devices is that some have out-of-date or badly-written device drivers. Generally speaking, these can de-stabilize the OS. There can be issues when a browser interacts directly with third-party keyboard and mouse drivers. Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (like Vivaldi) also support WebUSB, which potentially could have interaction issues with devices and their device drivers as well.

    The fact that you also need to reboot your system to clear/resolve problems also implicates hardware/software/drivers that interact with macOS at a low level as well.

  • @xyzzy I tried with native windows. No success. Had this case in the current minute: Vivaldi showed just the Menu - but not any window. Tried it also with native - without success. An logs or reports where I can look further?

  • @xyzzy Ok, I removed some extensions and also removed BlockBlock from system. Still there systemwide: Karabiner-Elements, Bartender, Oversight (just for you to know). Are there any possibilities to find out what's going on - logs, incidents in system etc ?

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    @VillageHero I'm honestly not sure what to suggest at this point apart from first cleaning or resetting your Vivaldi profile just to make sure that the configuration files have not gotten corrupted:

    Vivaldi runs fine on my system -- no weird issues whatsoever -- but I'm still running OS X 10.11.6, I don't do any extreme, non-standard or unsupported enhancements or customization, and I'm very careful not to de-stabilize the base OS. Like many Vivaldi users, I use uBlock Origin and uBlock Origin Extra. Unlike most users, I'm often TRYING to break Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi uses standard system logging and the logs can be viewed and searched with Even relatively benign stuff gets logged so hopefully you'll see something that might be helpful in your troubleshooting.

  • @xyzzy Still occurring - although I disabled a lot plugins (also at Chrome) and exited programs. I will try further with disabled the next time and also try to find something in the logs.
    Another idea: Could it be connected somehow to Chrome Debug Tools? I have the slight feeling that if I had them open then this issue occurs in the near future afterwards...

  • Any observations under macOS? Very often I have the problem that Vivaldi does not show any window after start. Even after force quit and restart it is not better. Only solution: Restart macOS completely.
    And the strange thing: It's somehow connected to Chrome installed. But all measures I have taken (disabled plugins, native windows, ...) were without any success so far. There is also no security software running that could interfere...

  • @villagehero Are you sure it's connected to your chrome install? If so what happens if you temporarily delete chrome? Does it really fix the problem? Because I can't think of a reason how the separate install of a chromium browser could influence the state of another one.

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    @villagehero I'm not sure what else I can suggest to do next. In all the time I've used Vivaldi, I've never run into anything like what you're describing. Sure, there have been some weird glitches that sneaked into Snapshot builds... but they affected everybody, reproduced consistently, and got fixed quickly.

    Guess #1 is that there is something corrupted in your profile. I would recommend creating a 'Standalone' installation and testing Vivaldi with a separate profile to see if the problem goes away. The instructions on how to do this can be found here:
    However, beware that that blog post is currently mis-formatted so if you choose to try this, you'll need to follow the "Manual mode" method for creating the Standalone launcher here:
    Don't do this unless you're comfortable using the Terminal and make sure you copy the commands on each line entirely. If you have any questions, please ask.

    The only other technical tidbit that I can offer is that Vivaldi hooks into its underlying Chromium code in part by registering itself as a Chromium application. If anything (such as an extension or some other software running on your system) interferes with that, weird and no so wonderful things could happen.

    The fact that you're also running into issues with Chrome suggests that (Guess #2) something installed in your system (that's uncommon, like a non-Apple device driver) is interfering with the Chromium code in some way and is affecting both Chrome and Vivaldi.

  • After upgrading to macOS High Sierra the problem no longer occured. So I keep my fingers crossed.

  • So the strange thing is now - Vivaldi and Chrome have this problem no longer. But I am also using Chromium recently - and now this problem occurs there. So the big question is: What did Vivaldi change that Chromium did not so far?

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    @villagehero Vivaldi differs from both Chrome and Chromium in how it draws its windows, renders its UI, and manages its window state. Over the last few months, the Vivaldi developers also made a number of internal changes that affected multiple facets of the browser's windowing code as well.

    That said, Chromium is just a variant of Chrome that has been stripped of Google's embellishments... and both should behave the same. I can't think of any reasons why you might be running into problems with one but not the other... unless you've enabled some internal flags that destabilized the browser.

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