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  • Very often I have the problem that Vivaldi does not show any window after start. Even after force quit and restart it is not better. Only solution: Restart macOS completely.

  • Have you tried the shortcut cmd n for new window?

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    @VillageHero Wow, that's not typical at all. Just curious... why the Force Quit rather than exiting Vivaldi with either Command-Q or Vivaldi / Quit Vivaldi? Did Vivaldi lock up to the point that you could not exit it in any other way? Force Quitting should only be used as a last resort because it doesn't give an application the opportunity to exit gracefully in a controlled manner. With Vivaldi, this can corrupt your profile and cause a ton of other problems.

    If you check "Use Native Window" in the Appearance settings, do you still get into a situation where the Vivaldi window does not open or render on launch?

  • Still have this behavior with the latest version. It occurred this very moment - suddenly Vivaldi did not load any new webpages. I closed it via Cmd+Q - re-opened it and it did not load any webpages or showed even the Preferences menu entry (all menu entries are greyed out). In this state I can close it again via Cmd+Q - but it won't load any pages until re-start/logout. No hanging processes were shown in Activity Monitor.

    What's strange: Somehow also Chrome seems to behave strange when this occurs. It's a lot slower and hangs sometimes.

    I switched now to native window behavior and will observe further.

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    @VillageHero From your initial post, I thought that perhaps Vivaldi's window management had gotten into a weird state; if so, toggling "Use Native Window" should force it back into a good state.

    However, you just mentioned that you're also experiencing similar problems with Chrome... Do you have any extensions installed?

    Are you experiencing any other issues with your network or operating system/hardware? Do you have any non-Apple devices installed? Do you have any security software installed on your Mac? Lastly, are you running into any issues with Safari?

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