Selection Issue

  • Hi guys,

    I have recently installed Vivaldi browser and found an issue I am only getting on this browser. Tried on Firefox and Chrome and it works fine there.

    Whenever I try to select a bunch of text, the selection freezes so I cannot select the entire text I want. This is somewhat bothering me as I work a lot on forums and have to write and edit texts. I will leave a video below to better understand the problem.

    If you have any suggestions I am all eyes and ears ^^. Thanks!

  • That's odd, I've never had this happening on any version of Vivaldi. I suppose you have tried without extensions etc.?

  • You could try to disable all extensions and see if the issue still happens; then try to enable them again one-to one to see if the issue is still present (I suspect Avast, but can't say for sure)

  • @Kelton said in Selection Issue:

    I am all eyes and ears

    That must be very uncomfortable :)

    It's a bug that I have seen a few times, but it's hard to reproduce. Such bugs are hard to fix.

  • I have disabled some of the extensions and now it seems to be working fine, at least for the moment. Most probably it's a faulty extension.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  • @Kelton I had the same issue with official Vivaldi.1.10.867.42.x64. Moved to latest 1.11.894.3 snapshot and problem seems to be solved.

  • Nope, problem still exist.

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