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  • I often switch to russian keyboard layut. I use tandart ALT+SHIFT for that. When I press ALT Vivaldi menu opens. It annoys me. In shortcuts menu set to ALP+P.

    I want to ask to remove ALT shortcut connected to Menu by default. It may confuse new users, who use different keyboard layouts.

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    You seem to be suffering from the same issue as described here. But I don't know what are you guys doing wrong with the keyboard that the Vivaldi menu appears. Here's how it works on my PC: as long as I press the [ALT] key, the menu won't appear. It appears only on key release. But if I use the shortcut (such as [ALT]+[SHIFT]), the menu won't appear either, after releasing those keys (no matter which one is released first)...

    You must be releasing the [ALT] key before actually pressing the [SHIFT] key - otherwise, I don't know why does it behave like that on your PC. The only workaround I found is to switch to the Horizontal Menu in vivaldi://settings/appearance/ but this takes up some vertical space and thus it might not be a perfect solution...

    EDIT: I've just changed the settings of the Windows language bar hot keys to switch between several keyboard layouts using the [ALT]+[SHIFT] keys and I'm still unable to reproduce the issue. I'm using Vivaldi 1.7.735.46 (32-bit) on Windows 10 x64.

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    @alxgvr said in remove ALT shortcut:

    When I press ALT Vivaldi menu opens.

    Actually, it does not. When you release the Alt key the menu opens. If you press Alt + Shift, the menu does not open.

    In all programs, Alt is reserved for menus, but Vivaldi allows you to assign Alt + Key shortcuts to any commands. If you do that, you won't then be able to open the menus with the same shortcuts.

    For example, in English, Alt + F opens the file menu, but if I assign Alt + F to Find in Page, the menu will no longer open with Alt + F. However, it will always open with Alt, then release Alt. I think there is nothing you can do about that, and nor should it be possible.


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