Reader Mode button and drag tabs between windows improvements - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.633.3/16

  • No, it's the Brazilian version of the name of Captain Good, from the cartoon Yogi's Space Race. Although we speak Portuguese, I really don't know why local right owners decide to use 'Guapo', which means 'handsome' in Spanish… Go figure... But turned out to be very cool character, since it's a well known show at least among people of my generation.

    Anyway, it's a name that came up years ago when I was choosing what use in the moment I was configuring my first e-mail. While thinking, on TV such show was being exhibited then I take it.

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    Although we speak Portuguese, I really don't know why local right owners decide to use 'Guapo', which means 'handsome' in Spanish… Go figure...

    Interesting. I know some Tagalog (Filipino language) and 'guapo' indeed means handsome therein as well. This surely would be due to the long/extensive Spanish influence there. I thought you might have been calling yourself 'Captain Handsome' :).

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    Yes, this is the problem. The bookmarks are opened always in the order manually, regardless of the type of display used.
    In an old version it works fine but i can not remember which version number, but it was before 02/2016.

  • IMHO I'd love to see a way to invert/change the background and font color in the reader mode. Also, an option to disable and reenable links. And If you love us so much, a way to have multiple tabs each with its own color. 😃

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    Yes especially to your link idea. That would be super.

  • Filed as Bug number: VB-22288

  • Filed as Bug number: VB-22290

  • Any news regarding this really annoying where performing a mouse gesture opens a previously opened url instead of the desired gesture action? This bug has been here for as long as I can remember and is really annoying when it happens.

    Unfortunately it's not easily reproducible but I can't imagine anyone not coming across it before (at least on windows) if using mouse gestures frequently for opening and closing tabs.

    I have reported this as VB-22291 (but it probably is a duplicate).

  • I like all your suggestions. Especially your last request is something I definitely want to see in Vivaldi. When all the tabs have their own page accent color as background color (as an option), recognizing these tabs is much easier.

  • What I have encountered is it opened the "StartPage" with the mouse gesture to close the tabs. It isn't very often though.

  • Ah, so you say it is a regression… OK, we will check.

    Regarding VB-19728 - check today's snapshot build 1.5.638.3 and let us know under this blog post what you think of this fix: 🙂
    [Regression] No thumbnail on active tab (VB-20207)

  • Oh, yeah. Filipinas were colonized by Spanish, so it is a expected behavior. But - I might be wrong - I think 'guapo' is more used in American Spanish…

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    Yes is a regression, it started to not work correctly from snapshot 1.0.385.5 of 02/02/2016.

    [Regression] No thumbnail on active tab (VB-20207)
    Ok, it's perfect for me, thank you so much.

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    The tab-bar-stretching-when-closing-a-tab appears fixed in this snapshot. Thank you!

    I lied. In snapshot 1.5.644.7 the behavior is still happening. I don't know why it appeared gone except I have a lot more tabs open now.

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