Reader Mode button and drag tabs between windows improvements - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.633.3/16

  • Totally up for it, I really love portable apps. I mean 99% of the software sue is portable, including Vivaldi

    Just curious though, what's missing from Vivaldi Standalone to classify as a 'proper portable'?

  • Win7 64 bit, Viv 32 Bit

    In above Currently using 2.8 system Gig was on FF which I continue to use. I absolutely cannot get a reasonable memory use on Viv back before this SS…. I guess I will continue to use FF for now til maybe NEXT SS will correct.
    It still just blows through my memory SO fast all 8 gig and I am totally at a loss to correct it. Everything was fine BEFORE this update so.... I can ONLY assume it is this updates fault. Luckily it releases all that memory when Viv is closed.

    PS: > Only OTHER thing it might be was MS Windows update PACKAGE!! ( KB 3185330) I did that night before MS went to full blobs of updates ( 1/4ly. 122 Meg download) no way to choose which ones you want. I am having printer problems etc. also. Changed config of output port.


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    When you move it to another machine, extensions, passwords and I think notes, cannot be read because they have been encrypted with a key tied to the first machine. Also, under some scenarios, memory demands make it slow running from a USB key or whatever.

  • Hum, I see, never really tested much outside my home computer. A true portable would indeed be good

  • Cycle In Tab Order is still broken.


  • been using Vivaldi (aka Opera) since 1996, or so, but still not yet satisfied by Vivaldi:
    wished it was faster and lighter (disk cache is terrible: FF is way much more responsive) 🙂 Happy face, anyway

  • "1.5.633.3/16"
    does this mean "16-bit" ? 😉

  • In Linux and Windows Vivaldi is used as a stand alone app. Only the configs and caches stay in the home in Linux and AppData in Windows. When you use Vivaldi from the usb stick, it makes new configs and cache (in Linux) an AppData in Windows, and Vivaldi would be always in the pristine state in every new computer/OS/distro.

  • Update uBlock origin. It is fixed in its new version.

  • @Folgore101:

    VB-13469 - Order bookmarks opening

    Cannot reproduce the problem.
    You probably have other sorting order set - by Title, Date created. But sorting in the panel is only on the visual side, while bookmarks are opened based on the "Manual" order in which they are stored in Bookmarks.
    This is probably the explanation why you observe different order of opening. Could you check and confirm? 🙂

  • [WISH] I wish that REWIND and FAST FORWARD buttons had a default SHIFT+Z and SHIFT+X shortcut key, but they are missing in the Keyboard Cheat Sheet…

  • [WISH] I wish I could toggle the address bar ON and OFF, while in fullscreen mode, with a shortcut key (used to be CTRL+F8, a long ago, if I'm not wrong)

  • @NSANE:

    About Reader Mode, I loaded this website:
    … and nothing is shown, so it isn't really working.

    Confirmed. I have reported it as: VB-22227.


    1. Profiles: I need to work with several profiles, each one with its own extensions and cookies

    If you want a few fully separated instances of Vivaldi (run along each other), then how about you just install multiple standalone versions?
    You can also run different profiles with a command line parameter, but then you will be able to run only one profile at a time. I do not remember the parameter name but it should be on the forums or someone may be able to tell. Probably sth. like –profile="path".


    2. In-line Developer Tools: support for in-line (not popup) Developer Tools.

    This is VB-2776. You may refer to this bug No. in the future.


    5. Allow reordering of Speed Dial Tabs

    This is VB-218. You may refer to this bug No. in the future. I would not call it "Speed Dial Tabs" but "Start Page Groups" - where Speed Dial group(s) is only one of them along with Bookmarks.__

  • Thank you for gathering it all in one place!
    I have reported it as VB-22228 for further investigation.

  • No. It means that the Windows version is 1.5.633.16 but the Mac version is 1.5.633.3 if I have understood the blog post correctly.

    @Ruarí Ødegaard:

    Mac has a different version number to the other platforms but includes all the same fixes

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    I am stoked because my wife is finally trying Vivaldi (this snapshot) but she can't play this video on her Mac laptop:
    It plays on all my windows machines.

  • A-we-some. Added the VB numbers to my notes.

    The reason for profiles is because of ease of use for the everyday user. I actually use a couple Vivaldi installs, but I think it would be better if use the same executable for all those profiles.

    I can see some drawbacks for it, though. Food for thought…

  • Vivaldi erased all my extensions.
    I had about 10 extensions installed. Today they all disappeared and the vivaldi says I have not installed extensions.
    Windows 8.1 x64. Vivaldi x32

  • Me too, my friend. Who knows in the next stable build the issue get fixed? I'm going to keep trying Viv but if the problem continues, I will have no choice…

  • @CheVe11e_191:

    2. In Tile pages concurrently scrolling of all pages in the keeping of certain keyboards etc.

    The issue number is VB-18122 for syncing zoom and VB-20252 for syncing scrolling in tiled tabs. You can refer to them in the future. 🙂


    9. The possibility of placing the panels up and down, not just left and right.

    Nice idea. Have you submitted a bug for this? If yes then could you provide the number?
    If not then I have submitted VB-22243 for it, but still would be interested to hear more details on it - how would you use it, what do you need in details and such. 🙂


    16. Add controls +/- on zoom in status bar (by moving the slider to set the desired values ​​it is not as accurate and fast).

    Have you reported it? If not, please do. Also note that you can click on the number with percentage and type in the desired value directly instead of sliding. 🙂


    17. Hotkey or mouse gesture to Hide or Minimize browser.

    This idea is already reported as VB-7494. You may refer to it in the future. 🙂

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