Vivaldi browser Technical Preview 4 is here!

  • Linux update fail

    [MIRROR] vivaldi-snapshot- Downloading successful, but checksum doesn't match. Calculated: 487f5764b845f7648e935307990aa959eb9bbd9f72a21b08bb7208512d5ec4a6(sha256) Expected: 572e043f5f48b11908b3f8a862e8b8aa602fd957e8ff04624abafd3df39d3141(sha256)
    [FAILED] vivaldi-snapshot- No more mirrors to try - All mirrors were already tried without success

  • Yeah, this is probably the reason I can't update from Snapshot, it's telling me I have a newer version :D

  • no just a red blank red bar

  • Moderator

    I don't find that I can use notes either. None of the basic commands (new note, new folder) seem to work, and all I can do is open the "imported from opera" folder, edit it or its notes, or delete. Nothing about the function seems intuitive to me.

  • great work, keep on rockin'!

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    All seems to be working find for me: Select All, Cut, Copy, Paste, New folder, new note, etc., It's a bit clunkiy with having to use the edit area below the notes tree, but it does work.

    Drag and Drop, Prune and Graft, etc., can come later. First I need an easy way to get a note into a forum post. For now, I have to:

    1. Select the note in the tree, 2) select all of the text in the Edit field, 3) Copy it to the clipboard, 4) Paste it into the forum post.

    The Affinity Forums

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    If not in edit mode, I can copy the note as plain text:

    Free Serif Software • PagePlus Review • IrfanView Help • My Fonts • Serif Fonts
    Help: CA2 • DPX6 • MP • PPX8 • WPX8 Specs AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 7 64-bit

    If in edit mode, the formatting is copied too,

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    BPG Format has several significant advantages over JPG and GIF for the Web. Firefox supports it already with the help of some Javascript.

  • there is couple of bugs in context menu API that could create browser freezing with tree structure
    and overall, I don't think they are meant for features like "insert note"
    it's possible, but at what cost….

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    I wonder if I deleted my old Opera notes folder, if it would then work. It will only create new notes or folders in that folder, won't create a new top level folder no matter what, and half the time if I try to select "New" (anything" it opens to edit the tile of the folder of Opera notes instead.

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    Heh - I can't delete that folder. It's stuck.

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    After I tried to delete it, it suddenly let me create a new top level folder, and a new top level note. THEN I was able to delete the old Opera folder.

  • hey guys, great work, it feels smoother than the previous tp and i see a lot of bugs fixed, i'm particularly grateful for the favicon color one where for example a red blue favicon generated a purple UI 8)
    huge bug i'm experimenting right now: mouse gesture down (my most used!) is closing the tab instead of creating a new one! and i don't see an option to remap the gestures, the mouse section in the config just displays them but don't allow to edit anything!
    another small bug: when doing a ctrl+f for finding something hitting escape isn't closing the bar, which is kinda annoying

    keep the hard work up guys, i can happily say that i'm gonna use this TP as my daily driver as so far the experience have been great, kudos. :D :D :D

    [edit] windows 8.1 32bits

  • Sorry for bugging you again but please fix Mac ( all 'Startup with' options) maximize bug on next snapshot :D Resizing every launch is quite….tiresome xD
    On Windows I think only the 'Last Session' option works and the window is maximized at startup.

    Anyways grats on TP4! ^_^b

  • Crashes on drag&drop. vivaldi 32-bit on 64-bit os.

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    According to the Settings dialogue, the Close Tab in GestureDown, GestureRight, but GestureDown also close the tab, which is should not.

    Likewise, GestureUp, GestureRight should reopen a closed tab, but GestureUp alone does it.

    Clearly, there is some work to do here with sensitivity and customisation of Mouse Gestures.

  • Wow that is nice. This would be a very nice feature- or even if we could rearrange whatever tools we want onto new or the same toolbars- much like you can do with word processors

  • I have completely migrated on my work computer. The only thing that is really holding me back is Opera's tab save feature- on any of my devices (work, laptop, desktop, and android phone) I can open up any tab currently open on any of my devices. This is super nice, and I imagine Vivaldi will eventually get something similar.

  • It's nice that Chrome extensions can be added from the vivaldi://chrome/extensions page but without the ability to put their buttons on the UI it is useless to me because I can't interact with them while on other pages. I'd like that ability and the ability to call up the extension page from tools to be a priority.

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    Yeah. Been doing this forever. It's one of the things I hope is foremost in the minds of bug squashers.

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