Vivaldi browser Technical Preview 4 is here!

  • Great! Finally TP4 is here! I guess the next build will be the Beta version? Maybe?

    As always, thanks for the great work! Keep it up! Fixing issues with Google+, Facebook and Disqus not logging on properly should be fixed before releasing the next build (TP5 or Beta). I don't remember this issue prior to TP3, so I don't know why it's here now.

    And wishful thinking: HTML5 support! I know, it's top priority for you guys, and it's hard to implement. But as a user, I'm getting tired of all the issues I have on Youtube for not having proper HTML5 support.

    But what will be your next step? Polish the features you already have (like better tab stacking, speed dial fixes, etc.) or adding new functions?

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    Drag and Drop is another method that I use in Opera for inserting notes. If the context menu in the Notes Panel just had Copy as well as "Edit note" and "Delete Note" it would help a lot.

  • Hey guys thanks for the TP4 everything works Great with me on windows 8.1 64bit much better than the last version but there is something its the Cpu usage and the extension support and please make theme appear on the bar so we can control theme keep up the good work your the best

  • For me this TP4 release was pure disaster as many issues that previously I did not have now appeared:

    • the content of my BookmarkBar (created for this purpose) initially was mixed up with bookmarks/folders that previously were not there, then today its content disappeared entirely without any intervention from my side;
    • the bookmarks editing is still unstable: drag & drop of a bookmark from one place to another (to reorder) has to be performed several times until it is moved to the place expected; typing the name of a bookmark the browser miss some letters and should type them with some pause to ensure they will appear; if I use 'search' for a bookmark as I want to find it and move to some other place - then it is not possible in the result to see where the bookmark is actually placed now, there is no information for that.
    • trying to make copy - paste of any word from a site into the address bar yesterday - instead of the copied word my browser pasted just 'ToRead' (a name of folder containing my bookmarks). It was resolved after restart but was curious;
    • put a word in address bar and press Enter. It should be used also as search field but it does not happen in this build. The word just stays there and no search is launched;
    • same case happens with the URLs copied from a browser/document. When I put it in the address bar and press Enter - the site is not launched;
    • Stop button does not work for the downloading files;
    • sometimes the borders of the browser go 'beyond' the PC screen and it could be hard manipulated. I mean that instead to fit to the display, the menu & close/resize buttons are almost invisible on the top of the screen like they were shifted partially to 2nd desktop and then cut.
      All this happens in TP4 32 bit on Win 8.1.

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    Wow - none of that happens here with TP4 32-bit on Win 8.1 (except of course the long-standing issue with problems arranging bookmarks.)

    Have you thought of starting over with a clean profile?

  • That would be great.

  • I have for some months now.

  • Nice work, now he doesn't crash on startup))) Keep going =)

  • I have it as my main browser on my Surface Pro 3, I haven't installed Opera on this like I did on Pro 1 and 2.

    But on the go I use the browser mainly as a fast access to information, I don't do long sessions.
    On desktop, my main browser is still Opera, it's the only one that really works. I completely disinstalled Chropera, and I usually have both Opera and Vivaldi Opened, the first for when I need to save session and bookmarks, and the second for pages that have bugs or session I know I won't need to update.

    I won't go full Vivaldi until they add synchronization support. But I won't ever remove Opera from my PC, it's a old relic of an almost perfect browser still kicking ass to all major competitors.

  • Totally agree. Windows 8.1, 64 bits, that happens to me too. Except the problem with the searcher, the rest is totally the same.

  • The startup options lack of "chose popup" from Opera…
    And there is an issue with italian translation. The Speed Dial, although been called "Speed Dial", is referenced as "Selezione rapida" (with it's an "ok" translation, but on Opera it was called "Avvio Rapido" which is better).

    It should either be called "Speed Dial" or "Avvio Rapido" on both.

  • I assume that clean profile could be a solution for part of them, but frankly said for TP versions would not spend time to search and backup files already customized by me (notes, bookmarks, searches) as we did in old Opera (before synchro builds) in order to reuse them afterwards. You may call me spoilt, but I would use clean profiles just if there is a synchronization available. :)
    And normally the casual user would rely on updates only, then there should be some development mechanism to avoid/reduce such issues.

  • The last issue I have sometimes with other applications, too, on Win8.1.
    If I click on any part of the window frame, the top is readjusted to be accessible.

  • Command line switches are mighty friends but they require restart of browser. Still better than nothing. Thank you for help.

  • Thanks for Vivaldi. A few bugs and suggestions:

    The close button of the main window does not quit Vivaldi. It is still running in the background (at least on Linux 64bit). At time you have to use the menu File>Exit.

    If I click on "Create" in the context menu of an entry in the address book, Vivaldi opens a new tab to compose an email (I know that this functionality is not yet implemented). I can close this tab, but it is reopend each time Vivaldi is restarted. Furthermore the last opened tab is replaced by this email tab. That is annoying.

    The website actions (eg. Content blocker, etc.) should be stored. At time the current settings are lost on each restart.

    I would like to see the navigation buttons next to the side bar. See

  • This one feels really unstable, a bit faster in loading pages and stuff, but really unstable to use.

  • I like the position of the navigation buttons better like it is now, since it eg doesn´t shorten the space of the adress when comparing it with bookmarks. Maybe have this as option would be fine.

  • Bug?: Add a page to bookmarks by drag & drop doesn´t work here (win8.1 32bit)

    Feature request:
    Is there a comfortable way to add a bookmark into a sub-..-subfolder? (As in Opera 12?) The way to do this by the bookmark symbol on the right side of the address bar doesn´t seem to be streamlined for this case.. (rather Firefox-like) (really important for me)

    Other than that TP4 is stable here (Win8.1 32bit) and the mouse gestures with ALT pressed is really nice on my laptop - thanks!

  • ~
    I have not tested either yet, but before I do, please I need to find out WHY does have a higher build number than TP4 itself ?
    Please disregard the question, as it has been answered in an earlier post. :oops:

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