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  • Vivaldi Team

    Good news, everyone! We are back to seed the newest snapshot. We have focused on details surrounding tabs, bookmark management, and solved some issues with plural form localization. Here are few highlights from the long list of fixes and additions. Please let us know if you find any critical bug as this snapshot is a release candidate for Vivaldi Technical Preview 2.

    See the full blog post here

  • Clicking the 64bit version leads to "Can't find this version" page!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for letting us know, this has been fixed.

  • Swift reply… just like your browser :) Keep up the great work!

  • VB-459 Implement pinned tabs
    VB-3893 Double clicking note should open associated URL
    VB-1861 Active download indicator in the panel

    I LOVE IT. You really listen to users. <3

  • Great work guys… your determination towards making this the true successor of Opera gives me hope every week !

    By the way... Please...Please...Please... give me my "Ctrl + Shift + C" shortcut back ! in Opera 12.X it used to automatically make a new Note in the Notes... this really made research for me faster and more fun... but with the current builds, I have to select a part of text and then make a note by right clicking and selecting "Add Selection as new Note"...

    There are some features which are already implemented (such as Notes) but they have yet to get a Shortcut entry in the settings.... If you could do that, my productivity would increase (and perhaps others too)...

    Now heading to test the new build out...

  • This browser is for Opera Presto friends :)

  • Thanks for the snapshot! The add bookmark popup isn't displaying properly on mac in a way that makes it hard to use:

    Is there a way to disable the single key keyboard shortcuts like 0 and 9 to zoom and z and x to navigate forward and back? The interfere with certain websites. For example, 0 moves the slider on a youtube video. Thanks!

  • –-

  • Yeah, I really know and they are doing it really well. I have hope again.

  • since you are working on the tab, you could add the option "close tabs on the right" in addition to "close other tabs" that I've always found it useful to organize them?

  • Yes ! This is a really useful feature especially when you don't want all the tabs to close but only the tabs to the right…

  • It's clearly a bug. They developed the feature with the search box active. You have deactivated the search box, triggering the bug.

  • VB-3788 Installer doesn‘t respect given destination folder

    Yay! Finally no more moving the installed files manually! Thanks!

  • It seems that the SUSE repo ( has some problems. Each time I refresh it, I get:
    "File 'repomd.xml' from repository 'vivaldi' is unsigned, continue?"

  • Thanks, forgot about the search box. For now, I've reenabled it.

  • and click "Search" still srashes Vivaldi (process tree still exists). Win7ultimate x64, Vivaldi 32bit

  • Linux RPM: 64-bit | 32-bit
    Check links please.

  • The left-click + drag down mouse gesture to open a new tab has not been working for me since release (left-click + down-right works fine). Is this a bug or just not implemented yet?

  • In the add bookmark popup is a dropdown with all of my bookmark folders. Is there a way to identify what's a main folder and what's a subfolder?

    And a (second) click at the add bookmark icon in the address bar should close the add bookmark popup.

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