• I'm running V 1.4.589.38 on a win 7 - 64 machine over a Frontier DSL connection

    Over the last few weeks i've gotten occasional "CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE" error messages but have mostly been able to work around them. Tonight I bought something on eBay and got this message as I was trying to checkout. Somehow I got around it. Then I went to and was blocked by this error again - showing the specific error in the subject line. Apparently this has to do with certificates - a subject I know absolutely nothing about! I found the Vivaldi Manage Certificates page but it's all Greek to me.

    I found this page (see last post) while searching that blames Symantec certs (which both eBay & Amazon use) and suggests that upgrading to Chrome 55 should fix the problem but I don't know what equivilent ver of V i'm runnning... (Blink 537.36 !?!?) (and the current 1.5 stable breaks my custom kbd shortcuts so...

    Any help will be appreciated. If you want to talk about certificates then you need to get down on your hands & knees and use really small words.

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    @laffin_boy - Why have you not updated to Vivaldi 1.5 or the Vivaldi snapshot (1.6 - which is based on Chromium 55)?

  • @Ayespy

    (A) Because, as I said, 1.5 breaks a crucial custom kbd shortcut i've been using for over a decade (in Opera) I couldn't close tabs without it!

    (B) Because I don't know if that's the problem since I don't know how to correspond the chrome ver # to the Vivaldi ver #

    Here's better info about the Chrome 53 / Symantec fiasco.


    (B) Because I don't know if that's the problem since I don't know how to correspond the chrome ver # to the Vivaldi ver #

    Yes, it is the problem, see

    So now we should address the shortcut problem you mentioned. Have you already posted or reported it?

    Is it this one

  • Thanks for your help.

    @TbGbe said: "Is it this one?"

    Yes, that's my bug report - which the developers apparently, and amazingly, don't plan to fix. I've used Ctrl + ~ instead of Ctrl + W (since it's much more ergonomic) in Opera for over a decade. In fact i've configured any & all of my programs (where it's possible) to use this shortcut. To lose it in the browser would be like losing a finger...

    There was a link in that thread to a mod package that might fix the key that Vivaldi now pretends no longer exists but I wasn't able to find any instructions on how I would use it. ;-(

  • Now now, there's no need to post the same in every thread, you should have simply clicked the github link and read there ;)
    anyway I've already replied at
    I hope it's clear enough =)

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