Very long buffering time/low quality for HTML5-video.

  • For some HTML5 video where it takes a time before the video "swtiches" from very low quality to the best quality, it takes a very long time (1-2 minutes) compared to the Chrome Browser which takes 15-20 seonds on the same site for the same video. The qualithy before the "switch" is worse than the old 240p youtube videos (think old mobile phone 2003 video quality). This IS a dealbreaker for me, since it is a site where I watch a lot of TV (its, our state funded televiision which have all of its content available online). Is there anything that is specific to HTML-5 videos for Vivaldi that differs from how Chrome handles it? I mean, both are suposed to be based on Chromium, right? Still, Vivaldi handles this very badly! And can I do something about it? Like setting something in chrome://flags/ ?

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