Epub format, Conversion from mht to epub, and Recovery of closed tabs

    1. Back in the day, the ability to archive web pages to MHT format files was great (I have over seven thousand MHT files); the problem with them is that I cannot usefully send them to someone who doesn't use Opera (12.14 and below please) - or, now, Vivaldi - nor can I use them outside those browsers.
    2. The print to PDF function goes a long way towards solving that problem but, apparently, PDFs don't have the facility of ePub files and ePub files implicitly have organizational capabilities that PDFs don't (viz those demonstrated by calibre (see below)). The solution to that situation, one that many would likely come to be delighted with, is for Vivaldi to incorporate a 'Save to ePub' function (and, for long-time Opera users, the ability to save MHT files to ePub files would be very nice also). Two FOSS projects (calibre and Sigil - both licensed under GPLv3 ) would doubtless be very helpful to such a project.
    3. One other suggestion/request: please provide a tool within Vivaldi to recover mistakenly closed tabs - history does not serve where the reopened page was not the first page in the chain of pages for that tab; rebuilding a tab's chain of pages for > 1 page isn't fun and shouldn't be necessary.



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