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    I have been using [url=]FastStone Capture[/url] for years. Everyone needs to capture screen shots sometimes, and PrintScreen or the clip feature built-in to Windows 7 is a bit limited. The last freeware version 5.3 is probably adequate for most people, though I liked it so much that I registered the latest Shareware version. What I like about it best is: [ol] [li]Easily configurable hotkeys that are easy to remember[/li] [li]Excellent PNG image compression[/li] [li]Excellent annotation of screen shots[/li] [/ol] Also check out FastStone's other free products, the Image Viewer and PhotoResizer, which are both reviewed on my site.

  • First I have seen it in your page and since that time I use it. It is great tool. Thanks.

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    FastStone makes good stuff. I've been using their products for many years. Not quite as long as Opera though: two centuries! :ohmy:

  • I'm using FastStone img viever for…ages (don't know how long)
    but for SS's, there is a much simpler app called LightShot.

    Simple edit and fast/simple upload with 1 click.

  • I use FastStone Image Viewer for Screen Captures.

    Doesn't FastStone Image Viewer basically have the same capabilities as FastStone Capture and FastStone PhotoResizer already built in?

  • @Pesala:

    I have been using FastStone Capture for years.

    I wondered what program Pesala used over at the Opera forums and asked him and found out about FastStone Capture. I registered it within minutes of trying it.

    Super easy to use and to annotate the png with arrows/text etc. This is a must have on every computer I have.

  • Hi all! :)

    Great tool. Used it a lot at work. Then somehow regressed to Snipping Tool (how did that happen?!?). Maybe it is worth mentioning that Capture is able to not only make screenshots but record screencasts! I did several "How to" videos for our non-techies.

  • For screen captures I've just always used the tool built into my image viewer (IrfanView) … I never saw the point in a separate program.

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    Screen Capture in IrfanView has many limitations:

    • It is not loaded on startup, so you have to launch it before you can use it. FastStone sits in memory waiting for the shortcut to be pressed.]
    • PrintScreen, and combinations with it, are the most useful shortcuts to use as their purpose is well understood and not used by other programs, unlike Ctrl F11 or whatever
    • IrfanView has different capture options, but only one shortcut while FastStone allows users to assign a different shortcut to each function.
    • Annotation tools are also very useful. The Draw function in FastStone lets you work in vector mode, adding text, highlights, arrows, callout notes, etc. Although this can be done with IrfanPaint, it is much less flexible.

  • There is another tool, I really recommend:
    ScreenHunter <<<- Link
    It allows you presettings like bmp / jpeg / gif, you can configure a hotkey, preselect a target folder and a file prefix, and you can choose full screen shot, active window or rectangle area by drawing it.
    And you are able to make unlimited shots - every click is a new screenie.

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