Add Opera Extensions and/or sidebar

  • There are a number of extensions I'd love to have that come from Opera rather than Chrome. Chief among these is Tab Sidebar, but it would be great to be able to get anything from in the same way we get the extensions from

  • The sidebar extensions are Opera only, but most of the other ones are mostly just plain Chrome extensions, with small or no variations.

    They can installed easily in Vivaldi, just download and unpack them.

    Once you have the extension folder just use the vivaldi extensions UI to proceed.

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    Opera dislikes other browser to download. That is their decision.
    But you can download a Opera extension, rename .nex to .crx, open Vivaldi Extension mnager and drag the file into extension manager to install.

    Native Extension for the sidebar will come for Vivaldi. Please wait.

  • Yeah, no need to unpack them, just rename them.

    And I don't think Opera dislikes other browsers using their extensions. They just can't guarantee that all of them will work for other browsers, especially considering that they have special extension that only work in opera (eg sidebar extensions.), and others that work only partially or have some functionality missing. It's hit and miss really, but for them it makes sense to use a different filename extension than the ones from chrome web store. And the opera add-ons site is indeed something the company can be proud of. I like it very much.

    Considering it was mentioned in the comment above mine that vivaldi may get custom sidebar extensions too, I don't think it's unlikely that Vivaldi itself will have extensions with a different filename extension that other browsers can't use automatically.

  • @luetage:

    Yeah, no need to unpack them, just rename them.

    I think it's still faster to unpack it. Two mouse click. V.S. a number of key presses 😉


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