Cannot install extension because manifest file missing

  • Hello; I tried to install YouTube-Unblocker-056.crx on vivaldi 1.0.365.3 (Beta) dev (32-Bit) (Linux, deb) using vivaldi://extensions => developer mode => load extracted extension (all in german ...) but the file is greyed out. if I select the parent directory, I get the message "could not load manifest file" (in german) what is the Problem? How can I just install the extension, or what do I need the Manifest file for and where can I get it? I am unable to find the reason ... Thanks, Peter

  • Chrome extensions have a very strict build up. The manifest file contains the name, the description, the version number, permissions and resources. Without it an extension won't work.

    .crx is really just a zip file. Unzip the file and you will get a folder. If the folder doesn't contain a manifest file, you know that there is something wrong with it. If you want further help give me a link to the extension and I'll take a look at it.

    Edit: I found your extension, the version number is 0.5.6. It installs without problems on my system and it contains a manifest file. Maybe your download was bad. Try to download it once more. Simply drag the extension from your file system onto vivaldi's extension page (but I guess you know that).

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    vivaldi://extensions => developer mode => load extracted extension

    This is only for loading a extension which is unzipped and used for extension development.

    if you eant to install the extension open Extension Manager vivaldi://extensions and drag the crx file into page.

  • Thank you for your helpful comments.
    I now was able to install it after finding a "click-and-drag" capable program from where i could graphically "drag in" the crx-file.

    actually, since I generally do not use "click-and-drag" capable desktop-managers and programs, but regularly and efficiently work from the commandline (xterm, etc), I am missing a simple option, to install extensions from within vivaldi (for example via a menu, at least as an alternative), instead of unnecessarily absolutely depending on external "click-and-drag"-capable window-managers and programs, which might not be available 😞

    Best, Peter

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    Yes, install from a URL or open file window or by commandline does not currently work by opening the CRX file with Vivaldi. Thats missing.
    But it was reported by me as bug VB-5152 long ago.

  • Does the Extension work for you?

    I've tried both ways, the 'extract and add as extracted extension in developer mode' way
    and the 'drag 'n drop .crx file into extensions page' way,
    but none of both makes the extension unblock music for me. (as it did in firefox etc.)


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