Hide adblock icon in address bar if disabled

  • This is really just a complaint about looks, not functionality.

    I prefer using the uBlock Origin extension and hence have no need for the built-in ad and tracking blocker. However, even when I have disabled the built-in blocker, the icon still remains in the address bar. I don't think it can be removed, unless maybe with custom browser CSS.

    I would suggest that if the user turns off the built-in blocker, the icon is also removed from the address bar automatically, as it serves no purpose.

  • I support this, there's no need for the blocker icon to show if blocking is disabled.

    In the meantime, use this custom CSS:

    /* Hide content blocker button */
    .button-toolbar.ContentBlocker-Control {
        display: none !important;

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @taronpro said in Hide adblock icon in address bar if disabled:

    as it serves no purpose

    This isn't entirely true. If you (general 'you', not you specifically) disable Vivaldi's blocker you might still want the icon in the address bar so that you can click it and enable the blocker for the site you are currently on. This works because changing the blocking level using that icon will only change the blocking level for that site.

    If someone usually has the blocker disabled, they might want to enable it for specific sites since some sites have so many ads that they are unusable without a blocker. In that case, going into settings and adding it manually is inconvenient compared to just clicking the shield.

    I do agree, however, that the icon serves no purpose if the user never intends to use it (e.g. if they use a third-party blocker). In that case, there could be an option to disable the blocker entirely. This should probably be a separate setting above the blocking level settings ("Enable ad and tracker blocking").

  • @Komposten

    That's a good point and I agree with you. Another simple idea would be a separate checkbox in settings like "show blocker icon in the address bar".

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