task manager in tab + shortcut for closing

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    I have a request about design, or functionality however you would like to call it. I keep open task manager all the time when I use the browser. what I would like to have, if I can open it as a tab like in firefox as an option it would be really nice... or if I can have it as a sidebar panel? can we have all of them? (separate window, tab, and sidebar panel so user can choose whatever he wants)

    also, there's no keyboard shortcut to close task manager as far as I know... I know how to open it from the keyboard (it's shift+esc for users if anyone who don't know) but, cmd+w or cmd+shift+w none of them is working. in chrome cmd+w is closing task manager, but it's not working in vivaldi...

  • @baris-sehri Escape closes the Vivaldi Task Manager.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @Pesala no it's not working on macos 😢

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