Vivaldi ignoring color profiles

  • Hello,

    I've got a new wide gamut 4k monitor that I just color calibrated.

    I see quite different colors in Vivaldi especially when it comes to red. I already tried the different options for "force color profile" under "experiments" but none of the settings there seems to solve the problem, it only gets less obvious but stays with all settings.

    Is this really still a problem in 2020? Wasn't that solved in webkit already? Am I doing something wrong so the browser ignores ICC settings?


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    @xanathon You may try this internal color profile setting which mal help you, just open vivaldi://flags/#force-color-profile and set the desired profile

  • As I wrote: I already tried that, to no avail.

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    Thank you for reaching and sorry for the trouble.

    May be this issue is a bug.

    Please read

    carefully and report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

    Again thank you for using Vivaldi.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I'll submit a bug report.

  • Is there any possibility to update a bug? I just tried chrome and Cent browser and in both the color presentation is okay. The problem only appears in Vivaldi.

    This is a big showstopper for me (for multiple reasons) and may be the cause I do no longer want to use Vivaldi.

    Will there be some kind of feedback to the bug report? As the bugtracker is not openly available I have no chance to see what happens about the bug.

  • @xanathon said in Vivaldi ignoring color profiles:

    Is there any possibility to update a bug?

    You can reply to the email you received giving you the bug number (VB-nnnnn).

    Will there be some kind of feedback to the bug report?

    You may receive another email if questions need to be asked by the devs.
    Alternatively, you can request a status update on the "bug thread"

    Just remember, the devs are working on a lot of bug reports - don't expect immediate replies (or solution).

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    @xanathon said in Vivaldi ignoring color profiles:

    I just tried chrome and Cent browser and in both the color presentation is okay.

    I added this information to the bug report.

  • Yes, I understand that a small team works on Vivaldi, and I'm sympathetic, but if a browser does not honor the ICC setting and/or color profiles of graphics files this is a very serious bug that should definitely not happen in the year 2020.

    I use quite some extensions and my browsers are extensively modded to conform to my needs, workflow and preferences, so the decision to switch browser is not an easy one at all, since that will lead to al lot of work to get my work environment back.

    I am very grateful that I usually get very quick and helpful responses here, but the last two times I did reveal bugs that are quite annoying for me and I have no idea if or when those will be resolved.

    So now I have to decide what to do. If I choose to go for another browser I am gone for good, because of the efforts I have described above. Since I cannot get any timeframes on the zooming and this color bug this seems to be the course I need to got. Which is a pity because I really liked Vivaldi and appreciated the help i get here, especially from @Gwen-Dragon who was always very helpful.

    Edit: I have another addition to the bug report: This happens only on the wide gamut monitor, on a conventional monitor attached to the same computer the colors are okay.

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    @xanathon said in Vivaldi ignoring color profiles:

    but if a browser does not honor the ICC setting and/or color profiles of graphics files this is a very serious bug that should definitely not happen in the year 2020.

    I can fully agree to your sentence. So true.
    That should not happen as Chrome works nice.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @xanathon What happens if you open internal setting page vivaldi://flags/#force-color-profile , set to Default and restart.
    Do you get the wrong profile then on your Wide Gamut display?

  • Hello,

    this is a well known issue since the beginning of Chrome...
    After all these years, Google still didn't fix it!

    Here is an example:

    Go to the section "Is your monitor able to display wide gamut content?"
    The red blossom, left image has a sRGB ICC profile embedded.
    Now test Vivaldi against other Chromium-based browsers ( Brave, Iron, Opera ).
    The red color tone and contrast is the same in all those browsers, but it is still wrong!

    Only Firefox has the right color tone and contrast, you can download the images
    and open them in Photoshop and compare them. Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, Iron have the same wrong color management...
    Firefox's color management is the right one, same colors like in Photoshop!

    Google should fix this asap!

  • @TomTib I had a look at the example. For me the flowers were the same colour, and I don't see any difference between Firefox and Vivaldi. At least to my untrained eyes.

    Firefox completely fails the CMYK test. Vivaldi is just a little different in CMYK.

    Then again, I admit to ignorance on matters of colour profiles and I have not calibrated my monitor (ROG PG279Q). One thing I have done though, is set Output dynamic range to "full" instead of "limited" in the Nvidia Control Panel, it does make a huge difference for some things.

    If you believe this should be fixed in Chromium, please report it to them, there's little Vivaldi can do about it.

  • @Pathduck, well you're not using a Wide Gamut Monitor, this issue concerns people who are using a
    Wide Gamut Monitor ( look at the section "Compare your monitor gamut to sRGB", the biggest difference on Wide Gamut Monitors are the difference between sRGB and ProPhotoRGB, it is more saturated because these monitors have a bigger gamut in color reproduction. Most users ( like yours ) own a monitor that have a limited gamut to the sRGB color space, the difference in the example "Compare your monitor gamut to sRGB" between sRGB and ProPhotoRGB is minimal or non-existing).

    Untrained eyes should definitely see the difference if you do a side by side comparison.

    My monitor is correctly calibrated ( Δ 0.3! ) and is using the AdobeRGB color space, only Firefox has the same correct reproduction of colors like in Photoshop. This means that the ICC profiles in JPG's are correctly respected by Firefox but not in Chromium-based browsers...

    I have tested it on a normal 4K sRGB gamut monitor in Windows 10 and Archlinux and all Chromium-based browsers
    ( Chrome, Brave, ) have really the same exact colors like Firefox!
    This means it really concerns users who own a Wide Gamut Monitor and are using Chromium-based browsers!

    And yes, it's not Vivaldi's fault, Google should fix it. I will make another bug report over there 😉

    @Gwen-Dragon , you can add my findings to the report. Thank you!

  • @TomTib Apologies for being nit-picky - but then the issue is not that the browser ignores colour profiles, as it obviously uses these on the test page.

    The issue is that it doesn't output the full "wide gamut" (as it were) for those monitors that support it but falls back to sRGB.

  • I made a simulation how Wide Gamut Monitors in Chromium Browsers would reproduce the false color tones.
    Obviously I have converted the JPG to sRGB color space so that monitors with a smaller gamut ( limited to sRGB )
    could see the difference.

    alt text

    On the website:
    The left image has a embedded sRGB ICC profile and the right image a ProPhotoRGB ( much wider color space ).

    On a Wide Gamut Monitor you see the colors as shown in the posted image above sRGB left - ProPhotoRGB right.
    All Chromium Browsers have the same wrong color reproduction, this means the ICC profile is not correctly represented!
    Only Firefox ( 4th image ) has the right color management, sRGB ICC profile is correctly shown.

    Wide Gamut Users can download the sRGB jpg file from,
    open them in Photoshop ( as reference ) and compare them with the Chromium browsers and Firefox.

    I hope this helps!

    P.S On the Chromium Browsers setting flags/#force-color-profile set from Default to sRGB does not help!

  • @TomTib I understand what you mean. But firstly, I don't think your issue necessarily is the same as the one reported by the OP of this thread. Besides, they've not been back since 3 days.

    Secondly, you can't expect someone else to report your issue. You seem very knowledgeable about this technical matter, so you really should report it yourself. But, maybe you get lucky and another wide-gamut monitor user comes along to do it. I suspect there's not that many of you though 😉

    Of course, you're still free to make a bug report to Vivaldi.
    Maybe they will consider it important enough to report upstream to Chromium. But I wouldn't hold my breath..

  • Ok for all who are interested I have made a bug report over at:


  • @xanathon said in Vivaldi ignoring color profiles:

    Yes, I understand that a small team works on Vivaldi, and I'm sympathetic, but if a browser does not honor the ICC setting and/or color profiles of graphics files this is a very serious bug that should definitely not happen in the year 2020.

    I've been running Vivaldi on my wide gamut calibrated display for years. It works for me, even when I modify which ICC profile I'm using on the fly. So there's got to be something specific to your setup that is causing this issue if Vivaldi is behaving differently than other Chromium browsers.

    Have you tested using a clean, new profile? Not ICC, Vivaldi, just go to manage people, add person, then open that profile and see if the problem persists there.

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