Increasing tab size

  • When the tab bar is on the left or right side, there's usually a lot of unused space, unless you have like 30 or 40 open tabs. Therefore I'd like an option to resize tabs, maybe a slider (like the one for GUI zoom).

    Here's an image to illustrate:


    Bigger tabs would also make it easier to click the right tab when moving the mouse fast.
    The picture above is only an example. Personally, I'd choose even bigger tabs, hence the slider.

  • See also Settings → Tabs → Tab Display → Tab Options → Show Tab Thumbnails.

  • Well, that's too big. 😛 And I don't want a thumbnail.

    Edit: I take back the "too big" part. Turns out, the size decreases as soon as the space is used up. I was expecting a scrollbar to appear, but that happens only when the tabs get too small.
    However, I'd still prefer tabs without thumbnails. But thanks for your suggestion!

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