Allow moving Vivaldi to external SD card

  • Could you adjust the app settings so that the app can be moved to an SD card, especially on smartphones such as the LG K30. Some phones only come with a small amount of memory/internal storage and the vivaldi app is a rather large app compared to some others so this would really be helpful

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  • Since your device running Android 7.1 (Nougat) OS you can install by default any app on SD card but this option must be enabled from dev menu.

  • You can move it as @sagrid described but @muttleyaxe take in account that apps moved on sdcard are slower/more prone to hangs and the widget won't work there: you can't place the vivaldi one on your homescreen.
    This also heavily depends on the quality of the sd card and the max speed supported from the phone.
    But yeah, it could be also the only solution to keep big apps on phones with smaller storage.

  • @muttleyaxe

    such a feature I would like to prefere too. I use Honor H6 with Android 6.1. It seems moving to sd-card should be possible but after the move Vivaldi are not able to resolve any URL. After removing to the internal card it works very well again.

  • I would like this feature, too. I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 8.0. When I move Vivaldi to SD card, it starts, but I get a crash notification upon start and later, when I open a new site. Seems to be a service in background, that crashes. Even more I would like to move the app with "Link2SD" app to the second partition of the SD card to save space on the internal memory.

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