Vivaldi M3 - mail client, when?

  • when will the integrated mail client be available for testing? i am waiting since vivaldi came out and still no sign..

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    The won't say. Period. You will know about the release date ON the release date, the same as every other feature. They accidentally released a very early version of it about 3 months ago to some users. I still have that install file on my hard drive. It was a working version, but clearly not ready for prime time. However, it was functional enough that I can say with some certainty that when they promise a mail client they are not just blowing smoke.

  • I still have that install file on my hard drive
    Really? Can you share it? If so, please mail it to

  • number one reason for me to still use opera 12, but its getting annoying with lots of pages have major flaws.
    when the mailpart is out i am switching instantly, not earlier..

    man, when will this be ready? :dry:

  • I've never understood why it's so importand to so many user to have an e-mail client integrated into their browser.

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    It's a matter of efficiency and work flow. You are not required to understand it. Even were I to explain my work flow to you, you would still have to watch me for a day to understand why built in email makes a measurable difference.

  • @J.M.Mierscheid:

    I've never understood why it's so importand to so many user to have an e-mail client integrated into their browser.

    and you really dont have to.

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    There will be a mail client. Behind the Dev's scene it is tested and refined. But it is not already completed and this is the reason why a M3 does not appear in a Snapshot or TP .

  • @J.M.Mierscheid:

    I've never understood why it's so importand to so many user to have an e-mail client integrated into their browser.

    I've never understood it either πŸ™‚

  • @schreck:

    and you really dont have to.

    Was interessiert mich deine Meinung?

  • Although I, too, will be very happy when the mail client finally arrives it is probably a mercy of the dev team to wait this long.

    Updating the Snapshot on an almost weekly basis would probably get a lot more complicated with an integrated mail client πŸ˜›

    PS: I don't understand why so many people are not using a mail client at all but prefer logging into their web mail all the time πŸ™‚ And don't blame the users for going "when when when", blame the Vivaldi team for announcing the mail client on the very release day of TP1 πŸ˜‰

  • @GinoPerla:

    They also announced the Sync, no one is asking about the Sync that much.
    The Vivaldi team just said there will be an integrated Email client,
    How would you blame them for saying so?

    Well, theres a mail panel sice the beginning wich says "Comig soon" wich may lead some people to think that a mail client is coming soon….. πŸ˜‰

  • I dont think its about lying or something its just what most people expect about "soon",
    Maybe a "Coming later" would reduce the expectations a bit.
    Simple change. πŸ™‚

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    I disagree that it will be released in the Beta. A new feature of such magnitude would not make its first appearance in a Beta, but rather in a developer Snapshot so that it can get some broad public testing prior to Beta release. This means it will be released BEFORE the Beta, in at least a couple of Snapshots, or will be released after some public testing and debugging, in the second Beta.

  • im in for testing the mail client if in need.

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    Me, too. I'd even love to test it if it's a technical disaster at this point.

  • Hi, Beta meant Feature Complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.
    Vivaldi could release a closed Beta for example.

    Call me in, mib πŸ™‚

  • Two features I loved in Opera and would like to see in Vivaldi:
    Mail and Sync.
    When an imap client is implemented I would happily switch to Vivaldi.

    So far I am stuck at Opera 12.16 (linux), which is getting more and more unusable as a browser.
    But situation is getting worse:
    I just read that Opera Link will be terminated at the end of this year

    So next year I have to choose:

    • Opera 32+ modern browser πŸ™‚ , no Mail 😞 , Sync πŸ™‚
    • Opera 12.16 legacy browser 😞 , Mail πŸ™‚ , no Sync 😞
    • Vivaldi modern browser πŸ™‚ , no Mail 😞 , no Sync 😞
      Not good!

    I saw no signs, that opera would reintegrate a mail client, so my hope is for vivaldi.
    If I could support Vivaldi for having a usual mail client in any way, please tell me. Maybe some alpha/beta testing, I could even do some programming (I am an experienced C++ programmer).
    Can You provide separate snapshots with M3 linked in?

    Thanks for Your great work anyway.

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    May be the M3 is not complete enough, to go into public beta at this time.
    The development of M3 runs parallel to the main browser. But a stable browser has the priority.
    I know, people often like to have a Vivaldi with all features known from Opera 12. But that takes time.
    So stay tuned. M3 will come.

  • If the web browser itself isn't fully stable or reasonably feature-complete at its basic levels, there seems little point in rushing to add a mail client on top of it. That can only complicate and delay stability solutions. I look at things this way: all of us have been getting by with regard to eMail clients in some way or another for a couple of years now… waiting some months more is not going to matter that much. Patience remains the watchword... the mail client will come.

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