Copy to note feature on Android

  • I have been trying to use the "Copy to note" function on Android (Pie, Nokia 6). After selecting a block of text and then "Copy to note," there is a notification that a new note was created, but there is no new note when I check my list of notes.

    I didn't see this issue in other posts after searching the forums, any thoughts or similar experiences?


  • Update:

    I've now been able to create some new notes using the "Copy to note" feature on Android, but it seems a bit hit or miss in terms of where it works: (yes) BGR (yes) Arstechnica (no).

  • My normal

    You have to pull to the bottom of the note page to see the latest notes.

    Maybe VIvaldi can add a reverse button in the upper right corner of the notes tab.

  • I agree. It doesn't always work.

  • I was able to successfully create 2 notes on the previous build, but never once on the new build. I very rarely use notes, so I haven't spent the time to investigate it. I use OneNote instead. But if it hasn't been filed alrea a bug should be created for this issue.

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