Chrome broke before the Vivaldi did...

  • After force-upgrading Windows10 form 1706 to 1903 build 18362.175, chrome-based browsers don't seem to work properly. Most websites don't load.
    The "Vivaldi Task Manager" reports a high (50%) CPU load on "Utility: Network Service"
    "Windows Task Manager" also reports a high CPU load on "Service Host: Cryptographic services"

    Other Chrome based browsers (Chrome, Opera) have similar symptoms.

    "" is a working site, but if I type in "", the site will not load. Looks like sites requiring the HTTPS protocol are not working?

    Typing the "netsh winsock reset" and "netsh int ip reset" commands into the administrator command promt and then restarting a PC resolves the issue for a few hours, but then the bug reappears!

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    @gyuuula said in Chrome broke before the Vivaldi did...:

    Opens nice for me on 1903 with 2.6 Stable and 2.6 Snapshot.

    As this is a issue on all your Chromium-based browsers, something is wrong with your Update to Windows 1903.

    Try this first to repair:

    1. Open Powershell as Administrator
    2. Use these four command lines:
       sfc /scannow
       Repair-WindowsImage -Online -CheckHealth
       Repair-WindowsImage -Online -ScanHealth
       Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth
       Repair-WindowsImage -Online -ScanHealth
       shutdown /t 0 /g

    Does this help?

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    Do you have external security programs (Antivirus, Desktop Firewall, Adfilter, Proxy, Windows Defender etc.) scanning/blocking network?
    Hardware like Router or Cable Modem filtering or blocking?

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