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  • Hello. Vivaldi came highly recommended to me so I installed it several months back. However, although I loved it, it didn't work with Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software. Anyway I found out yesterday that it's based on Chrome (my previous browser) and all chrome extensions will work.

    So I installed Vivaldi again yesterday and spent a couple of hours importing my bookmarks and customising it. I think it's by far the best browser out there! But, after installing the Dragon Naturally Speaking extension I found it still doesn't work.

    Please look into why the DNS extension doesn't work with Vivaldi. The only task that seems to work is "click link". Close tab, open tab, and speaking into the address bar or speaking into any text field just brings up a "please say that again" box.

    I'm not disabled, but it would be a shame if Vivaldi didn't support disabled people who can only use their browsers with speech recognition software. I can use a browser for short periods without it, but I suffer from severe repetitive strain injury from working on computers and have to regularly use speech recognition software to work.


  • @XyZed
    probably you also inform the creator of the extension that it doesn't work with vivaldi or file a bug report (where it's more difficult for the vivaldi team if they don't have the software installed)

  • Hello there. Fortunately further testing has found that the majority of functions do actually work. The only three functions that do not work are the dictating speech into the address bar when using as a search bar, and the commands close tab and open new tab. Ironically those are the first three functions I tested and their failure led me to believe that nothing else would work either.

    There is a workaround for the dictating speech because Dragon NaturallySpeaking opens up a dictation box instead. So I dictate my speech, then instruct it to transfer the speech to the address bar and then say press enter. This is not ideal but I can live with it.

    For some reason though I cannot close tabs on open new ones with speech so I'm having to use the mouse gestures. This is inconvenient because it's surprising how many times I close tabs on open new ones but thankfully everything else appears to work okay.

    I was hoping that someone at Vivaldi would appreciate how important it is for their browser to be compatible with one of the world's largest speech recognition software programs, and of course that it is compatible for disabled people and people with RSI. But for now I am happy that most of it works fine. I absolutely love Vivaldi. The people working on it are clearly making the greatest browser of all time so far. It feels like I am using a version of Chrome from five years into the future 😉

  • I've realised there is a workaround for the only two functions I need that are not working in Vivaldi. That is, open new tab and close tab. If I use the commands, press Control T and press Control W this achieves the same actions.

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