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  • I'm starting to love Vivaldi. However, I have found it extremely difficult to reposition the browser on my desktop.
    I like work with a few windows and my browser open on the desktop in a way that allows me to easily click on a visible piece of a window to open the needed application. My browser usually occupied about a third of my screen, and it is positioned to leave plenty of room to click ad open the other widows.

    This often requires some adjustment of the browser position. But unfortunately, Vivaldi doesn't seem to have a place where I can easily grab it to adjust its position on my desktop screen. The only place I have found to grab and mover the browser when several tabs are open is the teeny-tiny space between the "+" (open new tab) and "trashcan" (for closed tabs).

    I suggest you add an option for a medium size"handle Icon" on the tab bat that you can easily grab to move the browser screen around on the desktop. This at least would give us something visible to grab on to.

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    But you have free space between the + button and the Trash icon to move.
    0_1550848163159_2019-02-22 16.07.47 vivaldi-webui e37c4a70aa6a.png (click make image larger)
    Is that red area not large enough small to be caught by your mouse and dragged?

    Or you could enable a window bar with Settings → Appearance → Use native window

  • Well, there's always ye olde Alt+Space keyboard command, then Move. It's not pretty, and you then need to use arrow keys to move the window, but it works.

    I can see it could be an issue for those who have lots of open tabs, and where there's little space free betwen + and the can. Maybe because of DPI scaling this area could become quite small?

  • @BitsBear This a valid request. I have the same issues on mac. You can drag the browser on the status bar, but I don't have that visible. You used to be able to drag on the panel, but at least on macOS this is dysfunctional in the snapshots and from what I hear the functionality won't come back. Personally I did a custom modification, inserting an icon in the panel and making that area draggable. You can easily do the same thing on Windows and in the address bar (or wherever you please). Even if this request someday should get addressed, it will probably be a long wait, possibly years.

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