Customize the mouse wheel scrolling speed...

  • Please add an option to let us customize the mouse wheel scrolling speed in Vivaldi. I know we can do this via our OS but I prefer to customize it specifically for Vivaldi, without affecting other programs.

    [bug reported VB-49706]

  • Yes, please!
    I just installed Vivaldi on ubuntu and the scrolling is too slow to be usable. I have to click the bar on the right side
    of the window and drag it up and down to be able to scroll webpages. Very frustrating!

    It is not possible to adjust this in the OS on ubuntu (that I know of) so this makes using Vivaldi a frustrating experience.
    In Firefox I can adjust this easily by going to about:config and adjust mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount and similar settings to set the mouse wheel scrolling to a pleasurable setting.

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