Image viewer enhancements

  • It would be good to have the following features implemented in the build in image viewer (the one you see an image is opened in the browser):

    • Zoom in/out gradually with mouse wheel. It would conflict with scrolling, but the zoom operation could be handled with RMB + wheel and/or with a modifier key.
    • Rotate the image gradually with the mouse wheel. Again, using LMB and/or a modifier key.
    • Drag the image with LMB.

    Alternatively, a small toolbar should be accessible to switch between the scroll, zoom and rotation functionality of the mouse wheel.

  • @Nekomajin Drag with LMB would be useful.

    • Zoom + Scrollwheel already zooms the image by zooming the page. What benefit do you see from zooming the image without changing the page zoom?
    • Rotate Image has already been requested (90º steps only)
    • MMB is good for scrolling and panning very large images
    • Shift + Scrollwheel is good for panning not so large images.

  • @Pesala
    Let's say I open an image from an arbitrary webpage. The image is small, so I want to zoom it to, for example 200%. Then I close the image, and the page stays at 200%, which I obviously don't want.

    I don't want to use the click functionality of the MMB, because it's a pain in the ass in the way I grab the mouse.

  • @Nekomajin I see, that could be an issue to reset the zoom, unless you check Settings, Webpages, Use Tab Zoom.

  • There are already an extension that do what you want plus more, it's so good that I doubt Vivaldi will able to match it's prowess:

    Native functions are better than extension if implemented properly, but I began to notice a lot of extensions can do much better than native function offer by browser maker. I'm not against this request, it just I doubt Vivaldi will go the full length to match Viewhance's feature by feature. And very rarely I see Vivaldi integrate functions from popular extensions into the browser, like what Firefox did.

  • @dude99
    I am using this extension, but I don't need all of it's features. Plus I prefer native features when available.

  • I'd like 3 zoom steps: "fit all", "fit width" and "1:1". The middle one is currently missing. It should cycle through them with each click on the image.

    Oh, and show what image format it is. If I'm using content negotiation, the URI won't have a file extension, so I'm clueless.

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