Notifications are picky and repeated password save question

  • I recently decided, to start using the notifications feature, mostly for my mail accounts. It's a handy feature for one to use, but for me at least, it tends to work for specific sites and circumstances only.

    To clarify, i get notifications for fb, twitter and various forums, but for my mail accounts, i get nothing ! They are allowed for each of those URLs in site options and enabled in account options as well, so they should work like any other site, but nope, they do not. I found nothing relevant in browser's options that could prevent them, so i'm out of ideas.

    Next issue, has to do with my passwords and vivaldi offer to store them, for sites that have to do with banking only, and while i choose "never", the next time i'll login to one of them, it asks again. Yes cookies are enabled.

    For both issues, all i could do as last resort, was to clear browsing data and see if that would change anything, but no. I have vivaldi recently re-installed on win7 64bit and updated.

  • An update, about mail notifications. I receive properly notifications for Yandex but not for Outlook and Gmail. Also, i thought to give a bank login link which keeps askin for password everytime despite i choose "never", so here it is

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