Keyboard shortcuts don’t always work on new tabs

  • It has been about 1 month since I have this new issue.

    I always open tabs with middle click.
    Then I press Ctrl+Tab to go to one of those new tabs.
    Then here on the new tab, no keyboard shortcut works (not even Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go out of it).

    I have to mouse click somewhere on the page then keyboard shortcuts are again working.

    FWIW, I have two screens but Vivaldi only runs in one screen.

  • It has just hapened again but different.

    I am on tab A.
    I middle click a link that opens tab B.
    I left click a link.
    I Ctrl+Tab go to tab B.
    After one second approx, seeing that page, I Ctrl+Shift+Tab go back to A.

    Here no keyboard action is taken into account any more, not even Page Down.
    This time I refrain to click the page (action that unlocks this situation, usually), to see how far it is locked.

    And in fact, after 4 seconds approx. of tries, keyboard can operate at last on that new page in tab A.

  • Now I had a lock that did not unlock without mouse click (the most frequent issue, almost 50% time I open tabs):

    I am on tab A.
    I middle click a link that opens tab B.
    I left click a link.
    I stay on A for a moment, reading that new page (2 seconds max).
    I Ctrl+Tab go to tab B.
    Here on B, keyboard key presses are absolutely doing nothing (cannot Page down, cannot Tab out of the tab, cannot use any keyboard shortcut).
    Tried long time, 10 or 20 seconds then I really had to mouse click anywhere to make keyboard listened to again.
    After one second approx, seeing that page, I Ctrl+Shift+Tab go back to A.

  • Moderator

    If you can reproduce this, report the issue as a bug.

    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • Here another locking example:

    Tabs A and B are already open.
    I am in tab A.
    I Ctrl+Tab go to tab B.
    I right click E a link in B to copy its URL.
    I click this link in B.
    I Shift+Ctrl+Tab go to A.
    I click a link in A.
    Wait for the page to load.

    Here keyboard has no effect before I click anywhere with the mouse (I actually clicked another tab, came back with Ctrl+Tab to A and at last I could use my keyboard in A again)…

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I cannot reproduce this based on your examples.

    Something similar has occurred to me in the past. Occasionally I would switch to a tab and then press Ctrl+T or Ctrl+Q (my binding for quick commands) to open a new tab and it didn't worked. Then I would attempt to focus the address bar (Ctrl+L) or switch tab (Ctrl+(Shift+)Tab), neither of which worked.
    I'm fairly sure it's only happened on one of my installations, which indicates that something in that installation/profile is corrupt.

    Does the issue persist in a private window? With a refreshed profile? Or with a new installation (standalone if you don't want to overwrite your current one)?

  • Maybe it’s fixed now in 2.3.1440.57:

    PageUp/PageDown and arrow up/down does not work after opening in new tab VB-48133

    I have installed and I’ll check… 🤞

  • It seems fixed for me.
    2.8.1664.40 (Stable channel) (64 bits)

  • Moderator

    @jesus2099 Fine.

    I will tag the thread as Resolved.

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