Double-click title bar to resize to fit screen

  • Hi,

    I just made the switch to Vivaldi yesterday after reading about some promising features. But I just ran into an issue where double-clicking the title bar doesn't automatically resize the window to fit the screen (as is standard with most Mac applications).

    I constantly move my browser window between two very differently sized screens throughout the day, and it's already pretty annoying to have to manually resize the window by dragging the corners to fit the screen.

    Any plans to add this standard Mac functionality to the browser? Or is this just a bug on my end?

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    @maryannzykin Double-click-to-zoom (or minimize) broke in Vivaldi 2.2 on some versions of macOS. It should already be fixed in the 1420.4 Snapshot (along with a related bug for the square window corners) but I don't know whether or not they can apply this fix to a 2.2 update. Regardless, this should be fixed when Vivaldi 2.3 ships. Until then, you can still maximize the window using the window control buttons... just hold down the Option key and click on the green "traffic light" button.

  • Right on, thanks @xyzzy!

  • @xyzzy The bug isn't fixed in 1420.4. I still have no corner rounding on windows and can't drag on panel. Also right click seems to be broken (for devtools inspect) on panel and tabbar, if not targeting a button. Initially I believed it was because I was still running El Capitan, but I since updated to High Sierra and the same issues persist. This is bothering me a bit more, because 10.13.6 is the latest stable release of macOS. Mojave should still be considered experimental this early on and users can't be expected to switch to the new version immediately. At least I'm not a friend of doing so.

  • @luetage For information purpose only, I'm running Sierra and I have corner rounding on windows in 1420.4 (but not on 1388.37).

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    @luetage Thanks, I'll pass on that the fix will need some adjustment. Is it just the square corners or is double-click-to-zoom on the combined tab/title bar also broken?

    @hlehyaric Thanks for confirming the fix on Sierra.

  • @xyzzy Double click to zoom… what is it supposed to zoom?

  • @luetage It is supposed to maximise the window (full screen), similar to cmd+ctrl+f (that's how it works on Sierra).

  • @hlehyaric Oh, ok. Yeah, that doesn't work. But I don't know why anyone would call that zoom. It's fullscreen lol…

  • @luetage said in Double-click title bar to resize to fit screen:

    But I don't know why anyone would call that zoom.

    Me neither. But @xyzzy is far more experienced than me, so there is, maybe, a reason to call it «zoom» I don't know.

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    @hlehyaric It's called "zoom" on macOS because it usually just changes the size of the window to fit its contents, not maximize the window. Try it with Finder: change from icon view to list view and double-click on the title bar; the window should change size and shape. Double-click again to restore the window to its previous size. The double-click behaviour is also configurable in the Dock settings in System Preferences.

  • @xyzzy Thanks for explanations and tips.

  • @xyzzy Makes sense, it is neither fullscreen nor maximize, it's definitely different. But it's also not zoom, Apple needs to come up with a different word for it. But whatever the name, it doesn't work on high sierra thumbsdown

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    @luetage Thanks, everyone. Chromium 71 contained some changes that didn't affect Vivaldi 2.2 on Mojave but did cause some weird UI glitches older versions of macOS. I've notified the dev that we still have some issues on High Sierra.

    I don't know why Apple picked "Zoom" either. My guess is that they struggled to find a simple word to describe a function that's unique to macOS... and that also translates easily into the available system languages.


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