Ghost Browser Features

  • I wonder if Vivaldi might add the features that Ghost Browser has.

    I like Vivaldi better, but the features where tabs can be workspaces for projects is pretty cool and where tabs can be signed into different profiles. I would rather pay Vivaldi for the features than Ghost as Vivaldi has so many other features.
    Ghost also seems over priced for what it offers.

  • @floweringmind Is a Profile Manager what you are looking for?

    From the linked thread, there seems to be a way to achieve this with command line switches in desktop shortcuts.

  • It is more than just a profile manager. What you are suggesting is a hack job. I am asking if Vivaldi can make something integrated into their browser. There are developers and SEO people who would greatly desire this feature and would be willing to pay for it. The features can be better understood here

    I did find a chrome extension that mimics this ghost feature to some degree called SessionBox

  • @floweringmind The feature request is for the profile manager to be built-in to the browser. It is not a hack job.

    Even using command line switches is not a hack — it's a standard feature of many programs. It may be strictly for geeks, but it is not a hack.

    At first glance, the Ghost Browser feature seems to be the same as Sessions in Vivaldi. No doubt it has some features that Vivaldi sessions do not, and vice versa.

    If you add this link as a web panel you can easily search for other feature requests simply by changing the search string from "Session" to any other term. Enclose more than one word in quotes to search for a precise phrase.

    If you don't find what you want in feature requests for profiles or sessions, please start a new thread. However, don't just name it as "Ghost Browser Features," or no one will know what you mean unless they are familiar with Ghost Browser.

    Vivaldi also has Private Windows.

  • Yes what you are suggesting is a hack job. Try logging into 2 google accounts at the same time. It won't work. Even the program I suggested (SessionBox) doesn't work because it is just sessions. Also opening new private windows isn't a solution, it is a windows nightmare.

    It is so weird, you don't actually want to understand the features and pass them along. I never asked you to provide your strange unhelpful solutions. Apparently this is the wrong place to suggest feature requests and I need to go directly to developers who will actually understand what I am suggesting.

  • Well I see that feature requests are in the forum and that means you hold them hostage. Oh well, it was wishful thinking.

  • @floweringmind It is obvious that I do want to understand what your request actually is, since I have never used Ghost Browser, I have no clue what you mean by "Ghost Browser Features," or how workspaces differ from sessions.

    Post in the Feature Request forum with a clear description of what you want so that those who support it can vote for it, or comment on it.

    The Vivaldi developers follow the feature requests forum. Your request might be lost here.

  • @floweringmind Feature Requests can also be submitted via the Bug Tracker

  • hello floweringmind and Pesala
    This similar to feature request ""?
    Currently this is not done. chromium says=" Tabs will not be allowed to move across account boundaries..."

    in vivaldi the "People" page is where to "Manage other People" ,set additional profile, get there through chrome://settings in the location bar will default to vivaldi://settings the first box is people. ("vivaldi://settings/people" but it cannot seem to get there directly.)

    forum search the word profile. good luck.

  • hello floweringmind and Pesala
    hello everyone
    working on user profile management feature. at a time of stable 2.4. post. multi-user profiles introduced to vivaldi,
    and more from mossman in comments, snapshot 2.4.1497.4,

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