Sync and the new multi-user function

  • So in the last couple of snapshots multi-user profiles have been introduced, and straight away I was concerned how this would interact with sync - especially since I use snapshots half the time (daytime at work) and stable the other half (at home on the PC and laptop).

    I asked for any information on this and got nothing, but since I didn't hear any horror stories I finally took a look at creating a second "person" on the snapshot on my home PC. I created a second "person" called test and noticed that my "person 1" profile changed name to "mossman mossman".

    But when I open the "manage people" menu at work, I am still called "person 1" and I see no profile named "test". Also, when I create "test" again, the main profile stays as "person 1".

    So what exactly happens with sync now? I take a look at the sync-internals and it just says my username is mossman. I've just created "test" again and looking at sync-internals from the "test" person, it shows there is no sync active.

    So while writing this I have answered my own question - but I think it should have been explained better when the snapshot was released... and it definitely needs a very clear explanation when it hits stable:

    Each "person" is an entirely separate profile, and has its own sync settings. Vivaldi does not synchronise multiple "people" in one sync account. Also, the name of the "person" on a particular device does not seem to be related to the name of the profile on the sync server.

    In other words, it is not the case (which I had assumed) that sync will keep track of all "people" for a Vivaldi user-profile set on the device.

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    @mossman Hi, thanks for sharing your ideas, please copy paste them to Vivaldi's bugtracker to enhance the Sync help page. 🙂

    Also please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then add them to Vivaldi's bugtracker. Thanks in advance 🙏

  • @Gwen-Dragon is this a bug then...? 🤔

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    @mossman said in Sync and the new multi-user function:

    is this a bug then

    I do not know. I meant, that should be investigated if it is a bug or yet missing feature in Sync.

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