Option to Change Desktop Wallpaper with Right-click

  • Don't know if it is requested already, but I like to see the option to change the (system) desktop wallpaper with right-click, not only the option to change the speed-dial wallpaper. If one wants to change the desktop wallpaper in Vivaldi with a wallpaper from, for example, interfacelift, the .jpg file needs to be downloaded first.

    In Windows 7 and 8/8.1 the desktop wallpaper can be changed directly in Internet Explorer with a right-click on the picture. The same functionality can be found in Firefox for Linux Mint (and probably other distro's).

  • I also would also strongly to use interfacelift image ressources, and others. But downloading them is quite boring and then only occasionnaly. For myself, I found an add-on that makes what I searched a long time ago, this is Tabliss. Does Vivaldi should suggest image feeds like interfacelift, unsplash... ?

    • tabliss example :

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