A blue beanie for Blue Beanie Day

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    As technology changes, it becomes all the more important that the basics of the web remain the same. Today we remind ourselves why Web Standards matter.

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  • Oh...now the blue color on the forum make sense...aha!

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    In addition to maintaining web standards, it is important to educate people that they exist and should be followed:

    A while ago, google pushed a youtube update which used a deprecated standard that resulted in poor user experience on non-chromium browsers. If they had followed the current standard this wouldn't have happened. (Chrome is the new internet explorer for this reason of compatibility, and the point Julien mentioned in the post. History is repeating itself.)

    I also see lots of sites that downloads huge 3rd party libraries to do something that can be achieved natively nowadays. They could vastly speed up their site download time by switching over.

    Getting developers to follow accessibility standards is also tricky, especially if (like myself) they don't need them personally. Yet this is arguably the most important set of standards of them all, after the communication protocols.

    Standards also go beyond just the web. Like Unicode, the standard for language representation. UTF-8 is pretty much settled on, yet to this day I still see places that have trouble handling certain text. It's more than just a fancy way of representing emoji (which, interestingly, many websites use images to represent instead of fonts, which kind of undermines the point of having standardised it).

    Perhaps on this day we should also take a moment to remember the standards that have been deprecated, and lessons that could be learned going forwards.

    Such as the myriad versions of communication protocols that have had security flaws in them, and the IPv4 standard that was implemented with far too few address spaces. When experimenting with new standards, always think future-first.


  • That doesn't look like a standard blue beanie to me.
    It looks like a customised Vivaldi version.

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    @pesala: Yes, the only one we could find in the office. The best kind! 😜 This one is available on the Vivaldi store btw.

  • I participated in Blue Bennie Day 2009 (still have the blog post on my blog that was migrated from MyOpera)

    Back then it was the IE 6 only code and now it is the Chrome only mindset (which is bad since that could break about once a week or more (depending on how many Chrome updates that week has))


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