Which is the best font-set for browsing?

    • On 32'' 1920p LCD TV
    • Default DPI values
    • Zoom values usually between 65%-100%

    I take the values found in settings as reference:

    • Min font size: 9px;
    • Standard: Times New Roman
    • Sans-Serif: Arial
    • Monospace: Consolas
    • Italic: Comic Sans MS(?)
    • Fantasy: Impact

    Windows OS. Non system fonts are fine too (if free to use)

  • @Hadden89 The default fonts are almost never used, since most websites either load fonts for you, or define fonts that should be used, if they are found on your system.

  • @luetage True, didn't consider that.
    Maybe worth inspecting on which sites fonts are better (here seems to be on Segoe UI) and replace with CSS when need.


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